Example research essay topic: Visiting Tropical Islands In Dreams – 551 words

Theres a beautiful island in front of me. Its so
beautiful that I think I am in a dream. I am
sitting on the beach, and I cant remember what
happened to me. I think no one cares about what
happened when he or she is in such a perfect
island. I am a little hungry, and I should find
some food. Though there is a beautiful island, I
dont think I can eat something there.

At the
moment, a big animal which I have never seen
before moves towards me. It looks like a wolf, but
I am sure its not a wolf. It moves so slowly. I
think it must have never seen human before. I turn
back and run away as quickly as I can. It doesnt
chase me.

Maybe it isnt sure if I can be eaten.
Then I run in a cave. Its dark and wet. Through
the opening on the side of the wall, I can see
outside clearly. What a beautiful island it is!
The sky is blue, the sea is green and the island
is green. It looks like a picture in the
exhibition. When I marvel at the perfect island,
another big animal runs to me.

I think I am safe,
because the jaw is small, and the animal is too
big to get into it. The animal cries loudly
outside. I am so scared when I hear that! After a
few minutes, a bigger animal comes there. They
begin to fight each other. At last, the bigger one
wins. I cant believe that it eats the meat of the
small one.

Maybe it is full, or maybe it is tired.
It walks away. Then I relax. I cant find anything
can be eaten in the cave except water. Its getting
dark. I know it is dangerous to go out. So I have
to stay there till tomorrow.

When the sun goes
down below the sea level, everything is getting
dark, and it is getting cold. I am covered with a
big dry leave in order to be warm. I look outside.
Its very dark. Only hear some strange noises. It
sounds like a big bird flies in the sky, and its
also sounds like a lot of big surf. I cant fall
asleep because of the noise, but I have still good
luck because I found the cave.

Its a heavy rain
outside. I am so safe in the cave. I wake up when
the sunlight shine on my face. Then I walk through
a forest that has many low trees and shrubs to
find something to eat. Therere a lot of different
kinds of fruits, but the color on it makes me
guard. I am just about sure they are venomousness.
I walk carefully.

I must care about everything
animals, plants, insects or any other things I
dont know. At the end of the forest I see a few
banana trees. I am so hungry that I dont mind if
the banana is delicious. Suddenly, a strident
noise comes out. Its my alarm, and its time to get
up now, but that frightful dream still makes my
heartbeat fast. Theres no perfect island in the
world, and after the dream, I dont want to go to
any island.

Its hell..

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