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In this century of upheaval, we have seen
communism, a philosophy introduced to the world by
Karl Marx and Freidrich Engles, spread throughout
the world, and bring governments to the point of
global annihilation. In 1949 in the tense post-war
years, Orwell saw communism as a major threat to
world peace and personal liberty. In Nineteen
Eighty-Four, he describes how a nightmare future
could be created is communism triumphed. However,
Orwell was certainly left wing, fighting against
Franco in the Spanish Civil War, so why did he see
communism as a threat? The simple answer to this
is that it was a threat. Marxs ideals had been
watered down from day one, and in the first
communist state, Russia, the theory became so
diluted and changed, that the new emerging
theories became known after their creators (i.e.
Stalinism). If communist Russia was a threat in
1949, was communism itself the problem, or was it
the leaders of the communist soviets? Well, I
think that the threat to world peace was no
greater under Stalin than under Lenin.

of course, Stalin could cause far more damage to
the world with the advent of nuclear technology,
his main threat was to his own people. He was not
trying to enforce Marxist ideas of world
communism, unlike Lenin, who believed in the world
revolution. I am not trying to underestimate the
threat caused by Stalin to world security, but I
am saying that it was no greater than under Lenin
(or for that matter Kruschev) So the question
arises, is it the fact that they are head of a
communist state that drives these leaders to be so
hated by non-communists. I believe this is the
truth. The problem stems from the fact that
communism and capitalism cannot survive together
in peaceful coexistence, simply because they each
actively undermine the principals of the other.
Communism destroys the single person, and
capitalism revels in it. Capitalism believes in a
ridged class system, whereas communism believe
everybody is equal.

In this way it is impossible
for there to be peace between communism and
capitalism, unless there is a common enemy. An
example of this is World War, when we see a united
communist and capitalist front against Nazism (I
consider the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact of
1939 as nothing more than a time winner for Stalin
and Hitler). As William Blake said in his poem,
The Human Abstract, Mutual Fear brings Peace, and
this was true of war time communism and
capitalism. Fundamentally, however, there is no
way that these two diametrically opposed theories
can exist side by side. Even during the war, there
was distrust, especially over the question of the
D-Day landings. Stalin saw their long delay as a
sign that the Allies wanted Nazism to destroy
communism in the war.

It is because of the
mis-trust, suspicion and treachery that arise from
having opposing cultures, that communism is a
threat to the world, maybe not as strong today,
but certainly prevalent for the majority of this

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