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Style defines how one person does things in
comparison to the next. In writing style is often
referred to as the writers fingerprint. In The
Lord of The Flies, by William Golding his style is
very apparent in that it is unique to him. Through
his use of vivid imagery and symbolism he creates
a style that is unique unto himself. When reading
this novel through Goldings imagery he paints a
picture in the readers mind. Goldings in depth
descriptions seem to be overwhelming at times.

word choice is a perfect example of this. In place
of using simple words and stating the obvious in
his writing such as sentences like this, the water
reflected the sky and the stars. The line of rocks
could be seen through the sand and pebbles. The
water rippled and then calmed. A sentence such as
that doesnt illustrate a scene, what it does is it
very simply describes it. Golding writing style is
to illustrate his writing with words with vivid

He would write the sentences
previously mentioned like this, The clear water
mirrored the clear sky and the angular bright
constellations. The lines of phosphorescence
bulged about the sand grains and the little
pebbles; it held them each in a dimple of tension,
then suddenly accepted them with an inaudible
syllable and moved on(153). The imagery Golding
uses not only paints a vivid picture for the
reader but it enthralls and entices him. This is
Goldings style; he uses sensory details to get the
readers hooked and for the readers this helps them
to not just merely relate to Goldings writing but
to be able to see things through his eyes. He
shows his readers what he wants them to see and at
the same time lets their imagination create its
own image. This is a very effective writing style
because it is like no other.

Golding uses this
style very effectively to create the scene rather
than describe it. In addition to using sensory
detail, Golding employs the use of symbolism. Even
in the littlest things a vast array of symbolic
references are made. Golding continues with, The
tide swelled in over the rain-pitted sand and
smoothed everything with a layer of silver. Now it
touched the first of the stains that seeped from
the broken body and the creatures made a moving
patch of light as they gathered at the edge. The
water rose farther and dressed Simons coarse hair
with brightness.

The line of his cheek silvered
and the turn of his shoulder became sculptured
marble(154). Simons dead body is sent drifting
slowing in a sea that is so calm that the sky is
reflected clearly within it. His body floating
along symbolizes him ascending into heaven. His
body is in a sense floating through the sky. He is
described as being sculpted from marble which
shows Simons immortalization. The paragraph
continues with, The strange attendant creatures,
with their fiery eyes and trailing vapors, busied
themselves round his head.

The body lifted a
fraction of an inch from the sandThe great wave of
the tide moved farther along the island and the
water lifted. Softly, surrounded by a fringe of
inquisitive bright creatures, itself a silver
shape beneath the steadfast constellations, Simons
dead body moved out toward the open sea (pg. 154).
The fire like creatures that circle Simons head
look like a halo that follows him into heaven.
Throughout the novel, Simon is portrayed as a
Christ-like figure. For example, Simon comes to
save the boys and he is rejected. He tries to free
the inhabitance of the island from their savagery
and animalistic nature and in the end he paid the
ultimate price just as Christ did. Simon
sacrificed himself to try and free the boys from
the fears and corruption that enslaved them.
Simons search for understanding and unity leads
him to his death.

The beast that they fear does
not exist the only real beast is the one within
all the boys. Only Simon could see that. In the
end he is killed by the people he was trying to
save. Within all of Goldings intense imagery lies
this completely different level. The symbolism he
uses creates his desired effect. An easy way for a
writer to get his point across is to relate it to
something that everyone knows and that is why
Golding uses techniques like this as a part of his

Goldings goal in his writing is to write a
story that his readers can relate to and in return
learn from. Like so many things in life, there are
often many ways of accomplishing a desired goal.
How different people do it is their own personal
style. He accomplishes his goal of using his style
effectively through his elevated diction, imagery,
and use of symbolism. These are all apart of his
style, which defines how he writes and
accomplishes his desired goal. Bibliography:.

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