Example research essay topic: Use Of “suggestive” Words In Today’s Advertising – 504 words

Advertising agencies use suggestive words in
advertising campaigns in order to make consumers
remember the product. Yet, what do these ads tell
consumers about American culture? To answer this
question I will be analyzing one specific
billboard ad. The ad contradicts social norms. I
want to find out what this ad says about American
values in order to identify if this tactic is why
some ad campaigns are extremely successful while
others are not. During my morning commutes on
Interstate 25, I often turn to billboard ads to
pass the time. I have been reading billboards
since I was little and you may think that by now I
would remember some really great ads, and to tell
you the truth, I really dont.

Theres only one
billboard ad that really sticks in my mind after
all these years, and that is an ad for a beer
named Tequiza. The Tequiza ad is quite simple. It
consists of a white background, a picture of a
yellow beer bottle, and the simple words Of course
we cant just be friends, Tequiza beer w/o borders.
Even though the ad appears to be simplistic, it
tells consumers a lot about American culture. The
ad tells consumers through the phrase Of course we
cant just be friends that an American value is
freedom of speech. The ad promotes free speech by
suggesting that the drinker of Tequiza beer doesnt
want to be friends with their partner anymore and
has the courage to say so. Providing the courage
to be honest is one of the benefits Tequiza beer
offers through its ad.

Because of its
suggestiveness, the ad allows consumers to relate
to it and to dream of applying the benefit of
Tequiza to future situations. This ability to
speak freely contradicts the American social norm
of respecting everyone and being polite to
everyone. The phrase Beer w/o borders seems to
imply the value of individualism in American
culture as well. Construing that borders are
rules, Tequiza encourages American society to
break the rules by living without borders, or in
other words, Tequiza encourages society to break
social norms. Overall Tequiza is implying that in
present day society it is important to go against
social norms in order to be an individual. As you
can tell from the above example, connotations can
be made from the phrases used in advertising.
According to the book Critical Thinking and
Popular Culture, by Peter Elias Sotiriou,
connotations are crucial in advertising campaigns.
Connotations are crucial because people need to
remember the ad being presented.

So if an ad
campaign has phrases that use suggestive words,
consumers can make connotations to relate
advertising phrases to their own lives. There are
many elements to an ad campaign. Consumers are
most likely to remember an ad campaign that uses
American values, shock value, and suggestive
words. The Tequiza ad is successful in using these
elements. The ad is able to make you think, relate
to it personally, and envision applying its
benefit to future situations..

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