Example research essay topic: Themes Of Prejudice And Racism In Huckleberry Finn – 367 words

Have you ever read The Adventures of Huckleberry
Finn. If you have then I am sure you noticed that
there are many examples of prejudice in the book.
I am going to tell about a few examples of
prejudice that I found in the book. There are many
different definitions of prejudice. For me
prejudice, means disliking or mistreating certain
types of people because of their beliefs. The
biggest and most obvious in the book is the
racism. Jim is a black slave.

He ran away because
he heard he was going to be sold. So people that
see him threaten to turn him in, but Huck treats
him differently, he treats him like a friend.
Others see him as an easy way to make money.
Another example of prejudice is the situation
between Huck and his dad. The first judge new the
type of man his father was, and had Huck live with
Widow Douglass. When the new judge enters town
Hucks dad goes to the judge and gets him back. He
beats Huck and takes his money so he can go get
some alcohol. Huck was badly mistreated by his dad
all the time because his dad was always under the
influence of alcohol.

The third example is when
Huck and Jim run into 2 guys who pretend to be a
Duke and a King. They go from town to town robbing
people with different kinds of scams. The King
goes to a church and says he wants to go save
people but has no money. All the people give him
money to go be a missionary thinking he was a good
guy. Then they go to another town and put on plays
of Shakespeare. It is really a terrible play but
when all the people ask for their money back the
Duke and King run away.

In conclusion, this was a
really good book with all the different adventures
that Huck and Jim go through, while heading down
the river. There are many more kinds of prejudice
in the book, but I just picked 3 that came to my
mind. This book is a good example of how black
slaves were treated back in the day..

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