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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens follows a
young boy named Pip, from rags to riches as he
grows into a man. Pip is a young orphan who lives
with his hot-headed sister and his compassionate
brother-in-law Joe. It is set in the mid 1800s.
The book shows the striking difference between the
upper and lower classes. Dickens tells of Pips
humble beginnings, his shot at a fortune, and his
dream that was lost to his debtors. The book
begins with Pip in a churchyard one evening
looking at his parents tombstones. Suddenly an
escaped convict jumps out behind some bushes, he
tells Pip to bring him food and a file.

Pip obeys
and brings him more than the convict could ask
for. Although Pip obeys the convict is soon
captured and taken away. One day Uncle
Pumblechook, a friend of the family, takes Pip to
a wealthy bitter woman named Ms. Havisham.
Although Ms. Havisham isnt a sight for sour eyes,
he meets her beautiful daughter Estella. Pip,
however, knows he could never have Estella because
she is very wealthy and he is only a blacksmiths

Nevertheless Pip falls in love with her and
dreams of being a wealthy gentleman. As Pip grows
closer to Ms. Havisham, he wants more to be a
gentleman. One day, after being disappointed in
Pip, Ms. Havisham releases him to become Joes
apprentice. One day while Joe and Pip were on
break in town, a lawyer named Jaggers appears with
strange news that Pip has inherited a fortune from
a secret benefactor.

Pip must go to London as soon
as possible to begin his education as a gentleman.
After a week of preparation Pip leaves for London.
While there, he meets his roommate Herbert Pocket.
Herberts father tutors Pip in gentleman-hood. Pip
misses friends and family after Wimmick, Jaggers
assistant, expresses much dissatisfaction with
them. Pip still longs to be with Estella and loves
her deeply. After turning twenty-one Pip receives
income from his fortune. Pip secretly helps his
dear friend Herbert and buys Herbert a way into a
business. For now, however, Pip and Herbert live
it up and spend their way into debt.

Many years go
by, and Pip is in debt over his head. One night a
familiar shadow person shows up. It is the
convict, Magwitch. He tells Pip how he earned a
fortune down in Australia and that he is Pips
secret benefactor. Pip is stunned to find out that
he is heis benefactor and not Ms. Havisham.
Magwitch tells Pip about his life and his troubles
with the law.

Pip realizes that he must get
Magwitch out of London as soon as possible and
feels eternally indebted to him. As weeks pass,
Estella marries an upper class moron named
Drummle. Pip sees an opportunity to get Magwitch
out with the help of Herbert and Wimmick. His
plans fail however and Magwitch is arrested and
dies in prison. With Pips fortune shattered
Herbert promises Pip that he will give him a job
in India when he gets there. Many years later Pip
returns to his hometown to visit his parents grave
now alongside Ms.

Havishams. He meets Estella
there and finds she has been unhappily married for
those years. He confesses his love for her and she
accepts it and the story ends..

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