Example research essay topic: Themes About Humanity Exemplified In Great Expectations – 688 words

Great Expectations shows that a person can hide
who they are but one way or another they are the
same person inside. Throughout Great Expectations
Pip meets new people and is unsure how to adapt to
his surroundings. He is insecure so he wants to
change to fit in. He realizes that change is only
a disguise of who he really is. When Pip was a
young man, he always wanted to be someone else.
Pip met new people and would change his appearance
to meet the persons expectations. He met a girl
named Estella who was part of a higher class than

Estella was the girl of Pips dreams. Because
Pip was of a lower class, he wanted to become
smart and rich so he could be with Estella so he
decided to learn to read and write. Estella
criticized Pip for not being able to do some of
the things she could do such as playing cards.
This frustrated Pip. He wanted to be everything to
Estella, so he learned how to play cards. Pip
began to get closer and closer to Estella and
further from himself. Pip started to receive money
from an unknown benefactor.

As Pip received money,
he moved to London and didnt look back on Estella
and his family. His brother-in-law, Joe, came to
visit Pip. “Let me confess exactly with what
feelings I look forward to Joe’s coming. Not with
pleasure, though I was bound to him by so many
ties; no; with considerable disturbance, some
mortification, and a keen sense of incongruity. If
I could have kept him away by paying him money, I
certainly would have paid money” (217). Things
didnt work out anymore between Pip and Joe.

grew apart from him. Money made Pip into an evil
person. Because of Pips entrance into a higher
social class, he felt that if he were to continue
to communicate with Joe, then people would think
of him as a lower class boy, which he was inside.
Pip believed that if he werent in a higher class
Estella wouldnt love him. He thought that Estella
didnt want just any other boy. Pip didnt want to
relate with any of his old friends. It seemed as
though he wanted to change his friends to be like
his new self.

When I got up to my little room and
said my prayers, I did not forget Joes
recommendation, and yet my young mind was in that
disturbed and unthankful state that I thought long
after I laid me down, how common Estella would
consider Joe, a mere blacksmith (70). Although Pip
changed his whole life for Estella, things didnt
end up as happy as he thought it should. In the
end Pip finds that Estella didnt share his
feelings and they became friends. “I took her hand
in mine, and we went out of the ruined place; and
as the morning mists had risen long ago when I
first left the forge, so the evening mists were
rising now, and in all the broad expanse of
tranquil light they showed to me, I saw no shadow
of another parting from her” (489). When Pip
separated from Estella, he realized that he loved
her more than anything, though Estella has not
shown him a sign of her love for him. Miss
Havisham turned Estella into a girl who could not

This put Pip is in a dead end. Pip wasnt
able to tell Estella he loved her. He found out
about Ms. Havisham had changed Estella and was
sorry he didnt say anything sooner. In everyday
life people change phases. One day someone prefers
wear bellbottoms, the next day they prefer baggy

While a person may not like those jeans,
everyone else does so that person would change a
little part of him/her. All these things cover up
who a person really is. This shows that know
matter how much money you have or what style of
clothing is cool, it doesnt change who the person
really is in the inside. Although finding who one
really is might take time it shows..

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