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Homework assigned for a weekend can be a high
school students worst nightmare. A major
assignment may take an entire weekend to
accomplish. While the average high school student
already spends thirty hours a week in the
classroom, a major paper may make for over a forty
hour work schedule. If an employee works over a
forty hour week then he or she is entitled to an
overtime wage. A high school student gets nothing
but stress added to their already hectic lives.
Weekend assigned schoolwork is not beneficial to a
high school students wellbeing. After a long
school week most student look forward to a little
rest and relaxation.

The last thing they want to
think about is a big paper or project due on
Monday. But if a student wants to maintain a
decent grade then they dont really have a choice.
Illness is often associated with sleep
deprivation. Most teens require at least nine
hours of sleep and with a big paper on top of a
Saturday sporting event, getting nine hours of
sleep can be impossible. Debra Lucey Parker said.
her 17-year-old son, Sean, a senior in Mt. Desert
Island, Maine, struggles to complete three to four
hours of homework each night on top of an after
school job. She feels overwhelmed, because she has
so much to do” .

School work, sports, jobs, and
other interests often suffer when the recommended
nine hours of sleep isnt attained. Social and
family time is usually designated for the weekend
because weekly schedules are often hectic and
conflicting. Today many Americans find it
incredibly difficult to set aside time to eat
dinner or even just sit down and chat. It is not
uncommon these days for parents to work fifty hour
weeks. This leaves very little time to raise a
family. The weekend in the only time a high school
student and a working parents might be able to
spend time with each other.

When a student is
cramming for a test they may spend an entire
Saturday and Sunday at their desk studying. They
may even have multiple tests and papers to write
depending on the work load and depending on the
students study habits. The teenage years can be
the most difficult and important years for and
adolescent to face and without guidance from
parents some teenagers may start to slip. Today
students are expected to do more and more every
year in the classroom. This isnt necessarily
helping our youth. Theres as much if not more to
learn outside of school.

Many of the important
tools needed in life are acquired through
knowledge that is gained in everyday living. Many
social and living skills can never be learned in
text books. The must be experienced first hand.
During the week students learn from text and on
the weekend students need time to get out and
experience life for themselves. Homework hours
tripled since 1980. At this rate in ten years
students wont have time to do anything but study.
Many high school teachers will say that the
curriculum is followed to guide students to get
good Sat and Act test scores. The truth is Sat and
Act test scores are playing a minimal role in the
college application process.

Instead most colleges
are looking for the well rounded student. Bates
college in Maine states in their admissions
checklist, standardized testing (the SAT I, SAT
II, and the ACT) for admission is optional. This
means their looking for students who apply
themselves to many different areas including
sports, clubs, and other organizations. With
academics taking up weekends it limits students
from exploring other areas. Even the ambitious
student gets burned out and homework can be a
major factor in sleep deprivation. All and all the
most successful people in the world are well
rounded citizens.

Personality, creativity, and
unique qualities are what make us who we are..

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