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Mohandas K. Gandhi was born October 6, 1869 in
Western India. He was arranged to marry Kasturbai
Makanji when they were both 13 years old, which he
did. His family later sent him to London to study
law, and he was admitted to the Inner Temple. When
he returned to India in 1891, his mother died.
Because of Gandhis shyness he was not very
successful in the legal profession. So for a year,
he took the opportunity of representing an Indian
firm in Natal, South Africa for a year.

As a
lawyer, Gandhi did his best to discover the facts
and get parties to compromise in order to settle
out of court. He aslo insisted on recieveing the
truth from his clients, and if he found out they
lied, he would drop their cases. During a farewell
party (before he was to sail to India) Gandhi
noticed in a newspaper that a bill was being
proposed that would make it so that Indians could
not vote. He was urged by friends to stay abd
fight for their rights in South Africa. Gandhi
refused to take off his turban in court, and he
was thrown out of first class on a train. He was
also beaten for refusing to move to the footboard
of a stage-coach for the sake a European

Which he succeeded in doing by 1951,
when he returned to Africa with his wife and
children, after being jailed in India many times
as a result of the protests that he led. When he
returned to India, it was not long before he was
taking the lead in the struggle for independence
from Britain. Independence was finally achieved in
1947. But Gandhi was still not satisfied,
considering the country was partitioned into Hindu
India and Muslim Pakistan. He spent the last two
months of his life trying to end all the violence,
which led him to fast to the brink of death. In
January 1948, at the age of 79, Gandhi was killed
by an assassin as he walked through a crowded
place in New Delhi..

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