Example research essay topic: The Life Of A Fly Named Bill – 636 words

Safe and warm under the stinking, rotting,
festering pile of compost, wriggled a little brown
maggot called Bill. Life was very nice for Bill,
eating decomposing vegetables all day, while he
was slowly morphing into the fly that he was soon
to become. He lay there dreaming of all the
adventures he would have when his wings finally
took him away from the stink he called home. The
day finally came. Bill crawled and pushed his way
up through the mountain of compost till he reached
the peak. After his monstrous climb he spread his
wings out to dry before his maiden flight out into
the world.

He was so excited! Where would he go
first? All of a sudden a beautiful smell wafted
under Bills nose. Yuuuuuuuummmmm he thought. He
took off, a little shaky at first, but soon he was
zeroing in on that beautiful smell. And there it
was..a nice, juicy, rotting old sausage that had
fallen behind the neighbours BBQ. Bill was in fly
heaven! To all humans the smell would, no doubt,
have made them spew, but to Bill it was nectar.
Flies dont live very long so Bill had to make the
most of his day. Bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzz
off he went, over the trees, round the dogs
kennel, good smell thought Bill, past the school
and then.there it was.

the rotting carcass of a
dead possum. Bill didnt know where to start..the
blue intestines, the bloodshot eye, the exposed
boneahhhhh, life is a feast for a fly! He did more
sniffing and licking than eating, because he was
still stuffed from the sausage. Bill took off
again on his adventure. Oh no, it couldnt be true!
He couldnt be that lucky! Was that the biggest
dogs dropping in the world over there in the park?
Bill dive-bombed the dog poo! He swam in it. He
rolled in it. He loved it! What could be better
than this? He was so excited with all the
adventures that he had had that day that he
thought he would fly back to the heap and tell all
the other little wriggling maggots how wonderful
the outside world was.

On the way back home he
caught sight of a hot, steaming BBQ chicken
sitting on a kitchen table. He flew through the
open window to say hello to the big, dead, juicy
bird. He put down his feet and skidded on the
slippery, oily skin. His feet had left dog poo
skid marks right across the top of the chicken. He
laughed and rolled his body all over it making
lovely little brown patterns. A large human picked
up the chicken and cut it up into little pieces
and put it between bread.

The bread looked so soft
and comfortable that Bill suddenly felt sleepy. It
was a good place to pull off the dog poo that was
starting to dry on his body. A big hand brushed
Bill off the bread and sent him hurtling out of
control towards the ground. He managed to pull up
just in time but as he was soaring up towards the
ceiling a rolled up newspaper whacked him against
a wall. Bill was stunned. Two of his legs were
missing and one wing was out of action but he
managed to limp towards the open window where he
could see the safety of the compost heap.

He flew
sideways and only just made it threw the garden
sprinkler. The water drops were like bombs falling
from the sky! With luck on Bills side he made it!
He told his maggot buddies about his incredible
adventure. He hoped that tomorrow the sausage, the
possum and the dogs droppings would still be
there. but hed definitely give the big dead bird a
big big miss..

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