Example research essay topic: The Importance Of Picking The Right Career Path – 311 words

We seem to think that choosing the right career is
an easy task. I too felt the same way until I
found myself stuck in a dead end job. As a
elementary student we are taught to set goals that
predefine what we will be when we grow up. Those
careers appeared to be very promising at that
time. By the time we reach middle school not only
have those goals changed but they are now
completely opposite of the career path chosen in
elementary school. At the high school level after
having experienced working in our various
part-time positions, we now know what career path
we should not choose.

Even at college level some
still have not decided which career path to take.
After college I started working as a secretary for
Johns Hopkins APL. I moved up the ladder to become
an Administrative Assistant. Well, admin assistant
was as far as I could go on the admin ladder. So,
here I am in a dead end position and faced with
choosing a new career path. Needless to say I had
no idea which direction I wanted to go in. I knew
how much I enjoyed working with computers and
found it to be very enjoyable.

I spoke to my
supervisor concerning my interests. He advised me
to speak with the IT department to see if they had
any type of mentorship programs. As it turned out
they did. I began my training 1 month after
speaking with the IT supervisor. I worked as a
trainee for 8 months until I was hired as desktop
support for that department. I did not stop there
I went on to complete my Microsoft certifications
and pursing a BS in computer networking.

I am very
happy in position. Finally, I can say I love my
job and this is the correct career path for me..

Research essay sample on The Importance Of Picking The Right Career Path