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Earth Day is something you should know more about
and be more involved in because of its intriguing
history, its wonderful purpose, and the many
things you can do to help. It is simply nothing
short of amazing that earth day is still making an
impact on the United States today. I feel that
Earth Day was a wonderful thing to start and I
think that it has helped the USA stay a cleaner
place on this earth. It is amazing that a day for
cleaning our country that originated thirty years
ago with hippies and it is still around today.
Earth Day has a very interesting history that
everyone should know about. Senator Gaylord Nelson
was the founder of earth day. Earth Days main idea
was conceived over seven years starting in 1962.
President Kennedy tried to stop the anti-Vietnam
War teach-ins and use some hippie power to a good
cause by starting Earth Day.

The President went
around the country talking of how to keep our
nation clean while congress accepted the idea of
an earth day. The plan was now starting to work;
now people had a new subject to talk about and now
it was cleaner rivers and air, not Vietnam. The
first Earth Day was celebrated on March 21st 1970.
The very interesting history of Earth Day is
something that everyone should know about. The
purpose of Earth Day is to help to keep our grass
green and our skies blue with more trees and less
pollution. Earth Day was made for another reason,
to focus the nation on its ecological problems and
not its ones with Vietnam. Earth Day has lost its
first reason of Vietnam and now it is out there so
that people are more aware of what they are
actually doing when they throw a candy wrapper out
the window, or leave their Styrofoam cup sitting
on the sidewalk.

People need to use their streets
and sidewalks and we cannot have them to be
operating with massive amounts of trash on them.
Keeping our national parks clean is another
concern of Earth Day, volunteers go out to clean
national parks such as Yellow Stone on Earth Day
so that foreigners dont think that all Americans
are pigs. Most of all, Earth Day is a way to
restore patriotism in American Citizens hearts;
throwing a cup on the sidewalk says that you have
no respect for your country, please do. Earth Day
has many purposes that people should know about
and stay involved in. There are many things that
you can do on Earth Day or any day to help out our
country ecologically. The first thing that I want
to cover is recycling, this is the easiest thing
of all to do and most people have a recycling bin
out front of their houses, use it. Volunteering to
clean roads and sidewalks is another great way to
help out our environment.

If you could ride your
bike or walk to work once or twice a week it would
make a difference. Carpooling on the way to
school, or to work, or just to a baseball game is
another way to help out our environment, and also
get minimal traffic congestion. By not using
harmful CFCs in aerosol cans like hair spray and
spray paint, you are not depleting the ozone. By
wearing green on April 22nd you show that you are
supportive of Earth Day. Last, stop the litter
before it starts, if you dont litter in the first
place nobody will have to pick it up. These are
just a few of the many things you can do to help
out on Earth Day.

Be supportive of Earth Day think
of all of the things that the earth has done for
you and go do something for it. Be helpful, and if
you have anything you can do for the earth, do it,
there is no reason not to. If you are busy or you
are just too lazy please show that you support
Earth Day by wearing green on March 21st. Earth
day is something you should be more involved in
and know more about because there are many things
for you to do, it is a good purpose, and it has a
great history..

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