Example research essay topic: The Hobbit By C.s. Lewis As A Contemporary Fiction Classic – 396 words

The Hobbit, written by C.S. Lewis, has to be
considered one of the best literary works of
contemporary times. The book gives the reader a
wholesome dose of every emotion. You may
experience joy, sadness, and laughter all in one
chapter. The authors brilliant diction brings to
life the characters and their surroundings as well
as any book does. The books 310 pages are full of
great, imaginative writing that will keep you
flipping pages until the end.

The story is based
on the adventures of the middle-aged hobbit, Bilbo
Baggins. Hobbits are creatures with
characteristics much like those of people. Most of
them enjoy lavish comforts and five meals daily.
They rarely leave their hobbit holes for anything
other than a free meal and a party. Bilbo was a
hobbit in every sense of the word. He minded his
own business and other hobbits rarely bothered
him. Bilbo liked it this way.

He was in no way
desiring or searching for the adventures soon
coming his way. Bilbos secluded, unwavering
lifestyle is drastically changed when the powerful
wizard, Gandalf chooses him to be included in an
expedition to retrieve a long, lost treasure
protected by the evil dragon, Smaug. Bilbo
declines the invitation, but the next morning he
is bombarded by his comrades for the trek and
realizes that he is going on an adventure, whether
he likes it or not. The wild happenings and
excursions of Bilbos travels lead him to realize
his full potential as a leader and expeditionist.
Of all the interesting, inventive parts of the
novel, the characters are likely the most
original. They all have such dramatic
personalities, and they grow as the book
progresses the way you would expect any
non-fictional character to do. Bilbos attitude
changes more drastically than any of the others.
He opens the story as a hobbit without a cause,
other than his own, and by the end is every bit as
capable as any of his partners.

The book is a
great read for anyone from the ages of 11 to 80.
The writers storytelling brings to life one of the
greatest tales of all time. It is fun to read and
to discuss with other readers. If you read The
Hobbit, however, you must plan on taking a little
more time to enjoy The Lord of the Rings, the
trilogy preluded to by The Hobbit..

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