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The three people that shaped Eddies life were
Captain, Marguerite, and Tala. They all had a
lesson of their own to teach Eddie. The Captain
taught Eddie that no one should get left behind.
Marguerite taught Eddie that love is eternal, and
Talas lesson was that there was a purpose in
Eddies life. Marguerite, Captain, and Tala all
made Eddie realize that there was a purpose in his
life; he just never figured it out on his own.
Captain showed Eddie that the sacrifices he made
in his life were meaningful. Captain was a huge
person in Eddies life. Eddies whole life was
changed after the captain shot his leg.

He shot
his leg because Eddie accidentally put a hut on
fire, and there was a Filipino girl in their named
Tala. We would have lost you in the fire. You
would have died. And it wasnt your time. Eddie was
going through a lot inside when he heard that the
captain shot him. The Captain also risked his life
because he didnt want Eddie to go into the hut.
The land mine exploded instantly, like a burping
flame from the earths core.

It blew the captain
twenty feet into the air and split him into
pieces. Eddie only lost his leg, but the captain
lost his whole life only because he didnt want
anyone to get left behind. Marguerite taught Eddie
that love is eternal. After Marguerite got into
the car accident, and passed away he was never the
same. He always thought about her, and she was the
only woman he ever truly loved. Marguerite
emerges, singing in her soft sweet voice.

looks beautiful, wearing the print dress Eddie
likes, her hair and lips done up. Eddie feels the
need to inhale, as if undeserving of such a
moment. He fights the darkness within him. Also,
Eddie was upset with Marguerite that she left him.
Lost love is still love, Eddie. It takes a
different form, thats all. You cant see their
smile or bring them food or tousle their hair or
move them around a dance floor.

But when those
senses weaken, another heightens. Memory. Memory
becomes your partner. You nurture it. You hold it.
You dance with it. Thats what Marguerite told
Eddie, and tried to explain to him that she was
still with him.

She was in his memories. Eddie was
upset with his own self too and thought that he
was the cause of Marguerites death. When he saw
her in heaven, he knew it was home now. He wanted
more time with her, and also wanted to share
everything that they missed together. Love
completes a person, and without it would be really
hard to survive. Tala taught Eddie his purpose in

Eddie always thought that he didnt achieve
anything. Tala was a little five-year-old girl who
taught Eddie that there was a meaning to his life.
Even though Eddie left Tala in the hut and she was
burned, she still looked up to Eddie because he
saved children at the amusement park. He never
noticed it until Tala brought it up. You keep them
safe. You make good for me. Thats when Eddie
started noticing that there was a purpose in life,
and he did keep children safe.

Also, he wanted to
know if he ever saved that girl at Ruby Pier. He
asked everyone he met at heaven, but no one had
the answer except Tala. Push her legs. No pull.
You push. Big thing fall. You keep her safe.

though he didnt save Tala in the Philippines she
knew he tried, and she was very proud of him.
After Eddie talked to Tala she led him to the top
of a Ferris wheel, and then thats when Eddie
realized that, that was home now. Above all,
Marguerite, Captain, and Tala shaped Eddies life.
They all made Eddie realize that there was a
purpose in his life. Eddie just needed help
finding his. Marguerite taught Eddie that love is
eternal. The Captain taught Eddie that no one
should get left behind. And Tala taught him that
he kept children safe and that was his big purpose
in life.

Eddie had connections with all these
people, and after meeting all of the five people
he knew that there was a big purpose in his life.
They all helped them realize it..

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