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The class squirmed together to get onto the bench.
Feeling keen to start sport Miss Murphy was having
difficulties explaining the rules and safety
issues to the children. The idea was chosen to sit
on the bench and watch the more experience
children from the other team. The pre-primers
watched for a little while in anticipation , too
keen to start they decided to run out onto the
court and join in. Miss Murphy with low
communication skills was not able to keep everyone
on the seats. Sit down, come on sit down said
Miss Murphy as she attempted to guide the students
back to the bench. Gabriella, one of the most
favourable Mexican pre-primers wanted to play the
keeper in the game of indoor soccer and was
serverly kicked in the face by the ball coming
from the other team.

Gabriella fell hard fast
becoming unconsouis with blood from his mouth and
nose. The pre- primers that ran onto the court
quickly ran onside to their fellow student. To see
him hurt and not responding to his mates left the
children deverstated. Miss Murphy had no other
option but to call the ambulance and get urgent
help. The children started to cry not
understanding what was actually happening. The
other team were all crowded around trying to calm
the younger students down.

Miss Murphy contacted
the ambulance and said that the ambulance would be
there soon but another problem arose when she was
unable to contact Gabriellas parents and guardian
due to understanding of a different language. The
ambulance soon arrived and found that Gabriella
was stil unconscious, it was something serious.
Gabriella had not awoken for approxiamately twenty
minutes now. He was rushed to hospital and Miss
Murphy was left in great shock. The children just
wanted to know and understand what was happening.
Patrick tried explaining to the ambulance officer
what had happened but all he could say was the
ball, the ball hit Gabby The hospital organised
everything but could not get any information to
contact his parents. The ambulance officer assumed
that the pro nouciation of Gabby was maybe Garry
for his personal details, not being able to ask
the boy himself things became difficult. The boy
was rushed into emergency but did not regain

Everything had become one major
dilemma. Six and a half hours later the boys
parents were finally contacted. It was believed
that the teacher had decriminated the children on
their name and had changed them to suit herself.
Gabriellas parents rang through to the hospital
soon to find out that their son was in a deep
coma. They were questioning on why it had taken
the school and hospital so long to contact them.
There were no personal details at the school and
Miss Murphy did not say his real name to the
officers. Travel insurance covered Gabriellas
parents to fly to America to see their son in
hospital. After eight days Gabriellas parents had
investigated everything that they needed to
including reasons for changing of the names of
which the children did not like or understand why
this had to happen , the reason of why no personal
details were left at the school and why such young
students were playing a advanced sport.

The case
was taken to court as Gabriella had remained in a
coma for nine weeks now. The decision was made
that ikf miss Murphy did not change the names of
these pre- primer students and had not has asked
them to play such a sport of indoor soccer, maybe
this would not have happened. The boy left in coma
will not yet change but the money that was won
from the case will pay for all cost such as the
ambulance. Miss Murphy lost her chance of ever
teaching again. This was the result of the First
day of School..

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