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In chapter one the author, James W. Sire,
describes his purpose for writing the book and
makes it clear that many people hold many
different worldviews whether they know it or not.
He says the struggle to discover our own worldview
is one of the greatest tasks we could ever face.
Many people have faith but some lose it and it is
just a matter of finding it again. Sire hopes this
book will help. The four major reasons he wrote
this book are 1) to outline the basic worldviews,
2) to trace historically how these views have
developed from a breakdown in the theistic
worldview, 3) to show how post-modernism puts a
twist on them, and 4) to encourage us all to think
in terms of worldviews. First of all, however,
Sire points out the fact that one must first know
what a worldview is. He describes it as follows: a
worldview is a set of presuppositions, which we
hold about the basic makeup of our world.

It is a
sort of frame of reference or a pair of glasses
through which we view the world. Now to break down
that definition Sire describes presuppositions, as
assumptions we hold that can be true, partially
true, or entirely false. And, we hold them either
consciously or unconsciously. We just have to
recognize our own assumptions and then we can
better understand our personal worldview. One
example of a presupposition he gives is the fact
that there is something out there, something
exists. Now what that something is, is where
different worldviews begin to emerge.

Is that
something only matter? Is it only spirit or soul?
Or is it a mixture of both? Whatever our answer is
to this it is generally unquestioned in our minds
and only thought of if challenged by another. That
is a presupposition: the building blocks of a
worldview. Another way to get at our worldview as
discussed in this chapter is to answer seven basic
questions about the world and things in it. Among
these seven questions are questions like, ? What
is prime reality?? God? gods? Or ?What is a human
being?? A complex machine? An ape? The way we
answer these basic questions show us our
worldview. To some, the answers seem obvious and
yet to others the answers seem to be shrouded in
mystery. Yet, even in not answering or saying it
is impossible to know tells us about our

We live in a pluralistic society. To
think we do not is nave. In such a world, it is
important to know our worldview and to make sure
it is the true and final one. This book is a tool
to help in that task. That is a brief summary of
James Sire?s book The Universe Next Door: Chapter

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