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In Britain, in 1981, a respected paediatrician was
charged with the murder of an infant with Down
Syndrome. The trial revealed that the parents had
not wanted their child to live. The paediatrician
had therefore prescribed a narcotic painkiller.
Due to this evidence, the doctor was acquitted of
all charges. Were the intentions of these parents
in the best interest of their child, or was it so
that it could suit their lifestyle? I believe that
the child had become too much of a hassle for
them, than what they had bargained for. These
parents were given the gift of being responsible
for a life. The moment the child turned out in a
way that they didnt expect, they didnt want that
responsibility anymore.

For all they knew, their
child could have become one of the greatest minds
in the world. If only the child was given the
chance to live. This fact has been proven through
and through. The same goes for someone who has a
terminal illness and wants to die. A cure for that
particular illness could have been discovered
hours or even minutes after they decided to end
their life. We have no right as to decide who
should live and who should die.

Life is sacrosanct
and is therefore worthy of protection-no matter in
what circumstance it should present itself. I was
taught that all living things have the right to a
full life. By taking another life, even though
permission was given, is still murder! If someone
takes their own life, then it is regarded as
suicide. It is as simple as that. We are always
making acceptions, and allowing emotions to take
the upper hand of us when beloved ones ask to die.
This is a mistake that we continuously make and
never learn from. By thinking that we are helping
them to ease their pain by following their wishes,
is quite ironic.

For the rest of our lives we will
have to carry the burden and heartache, of knowing
that we took a beloved ones life. That terminally
ill person should have known that by asking such a
request, they were in turn spiritually handing
over their pain to someone else. How can people do
this to each other! Nature has set out the cycle
for when life should begin as well as end. Since
man has created advanced technology, he has taken
over natures duty. Man has now the ability of
deciding whether life should carry on or not. This
is our biggest mistake.

No wonder there are all of
these incurable diseases and disfigured children.
We cannot blame nature, but only ourselves. Nature
is like a mother who only wants what is best for
her child. But if the child-who is mankind, grows
up and then becomes independent. He takes his
mother for granted, thinking that he no longer
needs her. But when he is trouble, eventually the
only person that can help him out, is but only his
mother. Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and
Stoics believed that morally Euthanasia was

These great minds should have realised
that they did not fully understand the
consequences of this belief. If governments accept
this to be part of the constitution, this would
lead to the compulsory killing of those whom the
institutes consider to be socially unstable. If
the right to a full life is taken away, then
mankind will be the cause of his own extinction.

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