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What does it mean to be the King of the Bingo
Game? The main character [He] of Ralph Ellisons
story by the same name desperately wanted to find
that out. Even though He did win bingo, He was far
from winning the jackpot or even becoming king. In
the surreal flow, the main character experienced
several realizations while He held down the
button. He became aware of what the bingo wheel
meant to Him and through this, the reader
understands the symbolism of the bingo wheel.
Through this symbolism one then understands the
bigger message Ellison is trying to convey to us
about segregation between blacks and whites. When
He ran up on the stage for bingo He did not have
any intentions of holding the button down as long
as He did. His original plan was, He would give
the wheel a short quick twirl.

Just a touch of the
button (73). Standing in front of the wheel an
intense power came over Him and he felt as though
this moment was the determining factor and
somewhat of a payback for all the suffering He had
experienced throughout His life. He felt by
controlling the wheel He was controlling His fate
and he became crazy with power while holding the
button. Even when the police came and fought Him
down to the ground he continued to press the
button because He felt it was his life. Like a
desperate man he screamed I cant give it up, and
again in a more subdued tone He said, Boys, I
really cant give it up (76). Not until the police
crushed His wrist did He let go of the button and
not to His surprise did the wheel gracefully fall
upon the double zero.

While holding the button He
felt like He was for once in control of His fate
and He would have money to save Laura. The bingo
wheel may have been just a game to other people,
but to Him it was salvation. The wheel symbolized
hope and He felt that He would have a chance of
controlling His fate and he measured His success
by that wheel. It was not a game to Him anymore,
it was a quest and it quickly took over His
thinking and reasoning process. Affected by hunger
and a crazed drive to beat the system, the wheel
became the wheel of life and He was given another
chance at life. All of this was for Laura, from
the beginning He had to have faith for Laura and
till the end winning was for Laura.

Becoming the
King of the Bingo Game was another chance at life,
a better life for Laura and Him and He wanted that
so badly. The bingo wheel may have stood for hope
for the main character but Ellison had a whole
other meaning for the wheel in terms of the white
man. From the beginning of the story, Ellison
touches all the senses with his detailed imagery
especially when describing the darkness and
lightness of a scene and situation. When the main
character notices what was described as the white
beam that projects the picture, He thinks,
…strange how the beam always landed right on the
screen and didnt mess up and fall somewhere else.
But they had it all fixed. Everything was fixed
(70). Throughout the story there was a play on the
light and how at times He wished the light were
not so bright and when stepping into the light on
stage He felt that He was stepping into some
strange power(72).

Beyond the imagery, it is clear
through the announcers actions that the main
character is treated less than desirable. By
calling Him boy and talking down to Him the
announcer sets up the mood for how the story will
end and who is the real king of the bingo game.
Even at the end when the police had Him down on
the ground, with the double zero in his eye sight
He bitterly said, You see, to which they
responded, Sure, boy, sure, its O.K.(76). The real
king of the bingo game is the white man who was
controlling the game in the first place. He was
holding onto the false power and was never really
in control. Ellisons point is most greatly
understood in the last scene where the main
characters luck had run out on the stage while
receiving beatings from the white police. From the
beginning, the main character told of visions
where trains were heading toward Him and he could
not seem to escape them and …all the white
people are laughing as he ran screaming(71).

It is
this torture that He experienced from white people
that makes the story so hauntingly real.
Throughout the story one is just waiting for His
inevitable fate because he is black and everyone
else on the hierarchy is white, one must assume
that the white man will be on top. This is the
point that Ellison is trying to get across to the
reader; the harsh realities of racial inequality.
Throughout the story the power shifts from one to
another and ends with the white man beating the
black man. The real king of the bingo game is the
one in control and at this point in history, the
white man took that role..

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