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… term or dangerous effects scissors or drinking
or drug taking may have on them. By making drugs
legal, it would help to eliminate those who are
drawn to them by the elusiveness, the sexiness or
the risk. Next is the problem of demand. Judge
James P. Gray in speaking out in favor of
legalizing drugs said, making drugs illegal
amounts to an attempt to repeal the law of supply
and demand, an impossible task.

The prohibition
raises the price of the goods, and with so much
money to be made, peasants abroad grow poppy or
coca because it is the most profitable crop;
dealers risk their lives to sell drugs for huge
profits; and prisons are built to house more
criminals. There are those who think that more
prisons are an acceptable outcome to the drug
problem. These are the people who benefit from the
big dollar business of state and federal contracts
to build the prisons, maintain them and provide
for prisoner upkeep. In turn, there is an
increased amount of money needed from the
taxpayers. Judge Gray also recounted what an
accountant told him after having heard his speech
and penciled out the figures he gave on prison
expansion. The accountant revealed that, if the
rate of imprisonment of the past twenty years were
to continue, by the year 2020 literally everyone
in California would be either in prison or running

Because of the increase in demand and the
risk of the supply, the cost of the illegal drugs
makes for a lucrative business among those who
would risk it. Therefore, the competition among
drug dealers often condenses to a dangerous and
often a lethal competition. Prohibition increases
violent crime because those involved do not have
the standard nonviolent methods of resolving
contract disputes. Drug dealers and drug buyers do
not have the option of revealing their disputes
before judges and mediators and therefore must be
settled on their own, with their own forms of
justice. Quite often the method of resolution
involves violent crimes. Since illegal drugs are
in such a high demand, users need additional
income to purchase drugs at their ever escalating

Users must often obtain additional income
and this tends to invite an assorted variety of
crimes that are considered income-generating
crimes. These crimes include prostitution and
quite often theft. A very dangerous outcome of
illegal drugs is the possibility of receiving
faulty products. It is not unheard of to cut
cocaine with a variety of other substances from
powdered sugar to rat poison. If ingested, the
powdered sugar may do nothing more that make you
feel like doughnut for a little while, but the rat
poison as well as any number of available
alternatives could be deadly. Without a doubt, the
main problem with drugs being illegal is the cost

Every person in this country over the age
of eighteen should be paying taxes. According to
Jeffrey A. Miron in an article published in the
Social Research, the expenditure across all levels
of government for enforcement of drug prohibition
is currently at least $20 billion per year and
plausible in excess of $30 billion. This estimate
includes only those expenditures directly
attributed to drug policy, not auxiliary
expenditures related to prohibition-induced
crimes. There is no question as to where that
money comes from, the American peoples taxes. I am
tired of throwing my money into wind.

As a
taxpayer, that is essentially what I am doing
every time we fill up another prison. I want my
hard earned dollars to benefit someone other than
a crime family. If drugs were legal then the
United States can spend my money on drug education
programs and rehabilitation centers to help those
who want it. The negative effects of illegal drug
prohibition are quite numerous. If drugs were to
be legalized, what would be better or different?
The dollar amount referred to by Mr. Miron would
show a decrease.

I do not say the number of
dollars spent would be completely diminished
because there would still be a need for drug
enforcement. There would not be a need to continue
to finance and build new prisons. Alcohol,
cigarettes and most guns are legal, but there is
an entire branch of law enforcement called the ATF
that attempts to regulate Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms. The government would be able to lower
the amount of taxes needed and they would reap the
benefits of being able to tax all the business
manufacturing and selling the drugs. There would
be money from import taxes coming from other
countries. Not to mention the improved diplomatic
and trade relations between the United States and
countries previously avoided because of their
negative contribution to war on drugs.

prohibitionists believe that if recreational drugs
suddenly became legal there would be a vast
increase in the population of drug users and
therefore, the cost of coping with a staggering
number of addicts would easily exceed the monies
supposedly saved by the tax payers. I think if
people want to use drugs, they are using them now
and will continue to do so whether they are legal
or not. Smoking, skydiving and using oven cleaner
are all legal but that does not mean I am going to
use them or condone the use of them. I have been
educated on the dangers of their usage and choose
not to participate. In recent years America has
witnessed a decline in the number of tobacco and
drug users. It is not due to the fact that people
are just tired of doing it, it is because
Americans are choosing to be educated and are
interested more than ever in the long term effects
it has on the body and on the planet.

prohibitionist say the number of drug users would
skyrocket should drugs be legalized, I say you are
not giving Americans enough credit. America is not
going to win this war on drugs. The moat will
always have sharks in it. What we gain from
legalizing drugs is a way to turn societys burden
into a profitable coexistence. It will build a
bridge across the moat..

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