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The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury was first
published in 1951. Its a collection of very
descriptive science fiction stories. These stories
take place in the future and some take place on
other planets. The stories in the Illustrated Man
are set in the future. They teach us lessons about
contemporary life. The Rocket shows us that if you
want to be a good father you must give up
something to please your children.

Mr. Bodoni is a
poor father. He has a lot of patience with his
children and loves them very much to make the Mars
hologram and the fake ship he built. It was his
life long dream to fly on a rocket to Mars. He had
finally saved up enough money to go there but he
decides to make his whole family happy and not
just him. One example is when the father gives up
his chance to go to Mars and lets the family
choose even though its the fathers dream.

example would be to buy the model rocket with the
money he had saved over the years. The Veldt can
show us numerous lessons. The Veldt is about a
family that lives in a futuristic happy home. The
home does everything for them. The nursery is the
childrens playground where their dreams become
reality. One example from the story that could
teach us something would be to not give into your
children as much.

The children took advantage of
their parents because the parents always gave in.
The man lesson I think that is in this story is
that no matter if you love your children you can
not let them walk all over you. Another example of
this is in the end when the father is going to
turn off the nursery; he allows the children five
more minutes to say good bye. While the stories in
The Illustrated Man are set in the future, they
teach us about contemporary life. The main lessons
of these stories are to teach us how to be a good,
loving parent and how to treat your children..

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