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Animal testing and experimenting has been
practiced ever since the fifteenth century,
although it did not become widespread until the
1800s. Ever since that people realized animals had
feelings and could feel pain, people have started
debating over the issue of animal testing, and it
soon became a highly controversial topic. Many
people argues that it is unmoral to test products
of any kind on animals, while scientists believes
that animal testing and experimentation is just
about the only way they can discover many medical
or other unique breakthroughs. I stand firmly on
the side of having animals for testing. Animal
experimentation has played a part in many major
medical advances, including the development of
antibiotics, vaccines, and surgical techniques.
Psychologists can observe the behavior of animals
under a variety of conditions, such as hunger or
stress, to learn how similar conditions might
affect people. Food products and cosmetics can be
tested on animals so they can avoid harmful
effects when used on humans.

Environmentalists can
use animal testing to find better and humane ways
to preserve, protect, and manage a range of animal
species that are endangered. The world today is
missing many animals. Many are endangered or
extinct. By using animal testing, scientists can
learn more about the animals, their habitats, and
how to cure animal diseases. Animal testing has
already helped find a cure for the infamous and
deadly virus of rabies. Pest control that are
harmful to insects but harmless to other animals
has also been discovered that can stop pollution
and the destruction of animals.

Scientists can
also test reproduction methods on animals to find
better and more effective ways for animals to
breed, so the endangered species can revive once
more. Scientists use animals to test the safety of
chemicals in food products and cosmetics.
Scientists could test out food products on animals
to see if they are safe and not poisoned. They
could also use animal experiments to see how well
a food can be digested. Cosmetics can be tested to
different skin types, so they can be improved.
Animal testing can prove how dangerous a certain
product is. Most people thinks that a humans and
an animals body are two totally different things.
However, as surprised as this may seem, human
beings and many animals have similar organ systems
and body processes. That is why animals that are
tested on are most often tested on for drugs,
diseases, or illnesses.

When drugs are tested on
animals, scientists can then determine if the drug
is too strong, too weak or is too dangerous. This
experimentation of drugs on animals could also
help scientists develop new drugs and medicines or
improve old ones. By infecting animals with a
virus, scientists can also help find a cure or
vaccine, and study the causes and effects of
illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease.
Scientists argue that without animal
experimentation they could not continue to make
significant progress in medicine and other
sciences. They claim that the animal suffering
caused by experimentation is minor. Scientists
also point out that although other types of
experiments are used whenever possible, such
experiments are not always adequate. For example,
testing a drug on isolated tissues or organs will
not show how the drug affects the body as a whole.
Animal experimentation is the use of animals in
biological, medical, and psychological studies.
Animals are being used for just about everything.
They are tested on so scientists could help them
adapt to new environments or habitats and help
them reproduce more animals so they can still keep
their own species.

Animals are also often
experimented on for food and product safety. Many
companies need to make sure their products are not
harmful to humans. Experiments on animals help
scientists increase their knowledge about the way
the human body works. Animal experimentation has
played a part in many major medical advances,
including the development of antibiotics,
vaccines, and surgical techniques. Animal testing
is necessary in todays world of highly
sophisticated technology, advanced science, and
medical fields..

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