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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy.
Abortion has been an intensely debated issue in
the United States today. It is very difficult to
find someone who doesn’t have an opinion about
abortion, and probably a strong opinion at that.
Our country remains divided over what many
consider the most conflict-ridden American issue
since slavery. There are usually two sides. The
pro-life side and the pro-choice side. Both sides
make a good case. An agreement exists among
pro-lifers and pro-choicers that when human
personhood starts the person must be protected.
The endless debates on the topic usually go
nowhere, leaving the rivals even more committed to
their positions and the open-minded observers

One reason the debate goes nowhere is
that each side focuses on a different topic. They
make no progress because they are not talking
about the same thing. The pro-abortionist prefers
to discuss choice, and to stay on all of the
social problems important in an unwanted child.
The anti-abortionist is interested mainly in
protecting the life of the fetus. In simple terms,
the pro-abortionist focuses on a woman’s rights
and the anti-abortionist focuses on a fetus’
rights. Though interconnected , these are
basically different topics. Though neither side
realizes it, there is actually much more agreement
than disagreement between the opposing views.

majority on both sides would agree that social
problems like child neglect and urban overcrowding
are serious issues. Most would also agree that the
life of a child is a precious thing that deserves
the full protection of the law. There would be
general agreement that it is a woman’s exclusive
right to make decisions concerning her body. The
disagreement is if the fetus is a human being. If
you believe it is not a person, then it is simply
part of the woman’s body and subject to her
complete control. From this point of view, any
attempt to belittle that control is a malicious
infringement upon a woman’s rights.

If, however,
you believe the fetus is a person, then you are
obligated to protect it, even to the point of
restricting the actions of the woman carrying it.
The objectives of both groups are the same, it is
to reduce the number of abortions, and to make any
needed abortions safe. However, they have very
different methods of achieving their goals, and
they have opposing beliefs about which abortions
are justifiable. They are thus unable to
cooperate. A woman may want to get an abortion for
many reasons. The woman may be too young or too
old. It may be the wrong time in her life.

She may
be single and lack financial and emotional
support. She may also have too many other
responsibilities. Her baby is likely to be born
with serious disabilities. She is pregnant as a
result of rape or incest. She has no home or
secure base. She has a serious disease which would
be made worse by pregnancy; there is a hereditary
disease in her or her partner’s family.

She has a
large family already. Lastly she may have
relationship or marriage problems. Many pro-lifers
have strict beliefs that they trust in. They
believe that abortion should not be legal.
Pro-lifers sometimes define abortion as an
intentional interruption of the development
process, at any time from conception to birth.
They believe that women should not be having sex
unless they are prepared for the consequences and
that pregnancy is a natural outcome of sex. To
most pro-lifers, human personhood begins at the
instant of conception and it has the right to life
under all circumstances. Pro-life advocates
typically believe that the transition from life to
human life happens at fertilization, when a unique
DNA is created.

They think that all or almost all
abortions should be prohibited. The reasons for
these beliefs vary, some pro-lifers hold this
belief because of their religious faith. They also
claim that any intentional termination of the
developing process from conception to birth is
thus considered a form of homicide. They argue
that abortion is profoundly immoral, and should be
outlawed. A few would make no exceptions, even if
an abortion is needed to preserve the life of the
woman. Most would allow exemptions in cases where
the woman’s life is threatened by the continued

Some would permit an abortion if the
pregnancy were caused by a rape or incest. Most
conservative groups actively advocate legislation
restricting or eliminating abortion access. People
who are Anti-abortion say that women who act
irresponsibly and get pregnant when theyre not
married or dont want children dont deserve the
right to have an abortion. Giving women the right
to abort babies will only mean that abortions will
increase. They strongly consider abortion as a
sin, it is evil and immoral. Many pro-lifers also
think abortions should be illegal because of the
side effects that can result from an abortion.
Some of these risks include intense pain, a
punctured uterus, excessive bleeding and

Also parts of baby left inside the
mother which could result in Shock or a coma.
Damage to other organs, death, inability to become
pregnant again, miscarriage or stillbirths could
also result. More dangers include tubal
pregnancies, premature births, pelvic inflammatory
disease, and hysterectomy. Emotion problems could
also occur like guilt, desire to become pregnant
again, depression, crying, inability to forgive
yourself, intense grief, sadness, anger, rage, and
drug or alcohol abuse. Breast cancer has also been
claimed to be linked to abortions and also
infertility. Also the serious possibility of
suicidal urges. Pro-choicers support the legality
of abortions.

They view abortion as a civil rights
matter they think it is a decision that should be
left up to an informed woman and her physician. A
woman has the right to choose in the matter of
abortion based on her own religious and ethical
beliefs and her physician’s guidance. Feminist
organizations, liberal religious groups, etc.
favor abortion access, so that any woman can
choose to have an abortion after consultation with
her medical, spiritual, and other advisors. Their
motivation is to give women choice in controlling
their own bodies. To pro-choicers, human
personhood begins later in gestation or at birth.
Some believe that a woman should have free access
to abortions up until fetal viability; others say
that a woman should be able to choose to have an
abortion later in pregnancy. Most liberal groups
actively oppose laws that restrict access to
abortion, at least up to a certain point in

The pro-choice movement generally
argues that life becomes human life much later in
pregnancy, or at birth. Pro-choicers believes that
every woman has the right to choose how to deal
with an unwanted pregnancy. We believe that she
has the right to choose abortion. We believe that
abortion should be safe, legal and easily
accessible. We believe that young people need to
know the facts in order to minimize the stress
caused by an unwanted pregnancy. We believe that
education about abortion enables young people to
deal with unwanted pregnancy in a calm, rational

We believe this is essential in order to
maintain women’s reproductive health. Pro-choice
supporters see the fertilized egg as potential
life, based on medical and scientific evidence
that the fetus is not viable in the early stages
of pregnancy and is still a part of its mother.
They believe women have the right to make
decisions, the right to choose when and whether to
have a child. A fundamental principle in moral
theory holds that those who suffer the
consequences of a situation are by right the ones
who should make the decision about that situation.
In the case of pregnancy, it is clear that women
suffer the greatest consequences. They have to
deal with the expected physical consequences of
child bearing but also more serious complications,
women do die of pregnancy-related causes. Women
are tremendously responsible for the care of
children once they are born. They deserve the
right to make these decisions.

They believe that
the human rights of women include their right to
have control over and decide freely and
responsibly on matters related to their sexuality,
including sexual and reproductive health, free of
coercion, discrimination and violence.
Constitutional protection of the woman’s decision
to terminate her pregnancy derives from the Due
Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. It
declares that no State shall ‘deprive any person
of life, liberty, or property, without due process
of law. Legal restrictions do little to reduce the
number of abortions. All across the globe, in
countries where abortion is illegal, women still
find ways to end pregnancies they cannot continue.
Denying the right does not make the need
disappear. They believe that abortions should
remain legal so women are not forced to resort to
unsafe illegal abortions that results in many
deaths. They believe it is immoral that women are
branded as criminals simply because they have an

When a woman takes seriously the
question of whether or not she should continue a
pregnancy, whether or not she should bring a child
into the world, and concludes, through a serious
process of self-reflection, that the most moral
thing she can do is to terminate the pregnancy, it
is hard for them to say that she is immoral. Even
if she has drawn a conclusion that they would not
draw, even if they think it is the wrong decision,
they really respect her process and would never
call her immoral. In a Constitution for a free
people, there can be no doubt that the meaning of
“liberty” must be broad indeed. holding that a
woman’s right to privacy includes the right to
abortion. Life and personhood are two very
different matters. There do not appear to be any
convincing studies that would indicate that
abortions have any significant link to increased
miscarriage rate, at least for the first abortion.
There seems to be no evidence at all that
emergency contraception or non-surgical abortions
could cause later miscarriages.

Most pro-choice
groups state that an ABC link either does not
exist, or is unproven. Most cancer groups believe
that an ABC link has not been proven to exist.
Pro-choice advocates typically believe that the
transition happens much later. It would seem that
if the physician is competent, and the woman
monitors her body temperature after the procedure,
that the chances of an abortion causing later
infertility is quite remote. I think I am a
pro-choice advocate. I believe a woman should have
the right to choose whether or not to continue a
pregnancy. I think woman have a constitutional
right to get an abortion.

As proven in Roe V.
Wade, it is our body and we have the right to
decide what to do. I do not condone it as an easy
way out but I think when it is absolutely
necessary, a woman should not have any
restrictions put on her. [/b].

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