Example research essay topic: Political Theme Analysis Of “primary Colors” – 437 words

Throughout “Primary Colors”, we see Jack Stanton
appealing to voters form diverse racial, cultural,
and religious backgrounds. In each scene he
becomes a “yes man” who supports any political
cause that will earn him votes. Is this type of
campaign behavior unethical? As elected officials
who serve the public, should politicians be held
to higher ethical standards? Why or why not? Jacks
Stanton does the most important thing as a
politician running for president. He attempts to
persuade the undereducated areas of the United
States. He starts off by relating to southern
factory workers, by speaking in a so-called
“x-rated” fashion. He promotes higher education
for adults in this scene and promises that he will
wake up thinking about these people every morning.
These people actually buy into him.

When Jack goes
to New York later on the movie, he is booed right
off the stage and he doesn’t even get a chance to
speak. The difference here is that New Yorker’s
are strong believers of the accusations against
him and that their higher education makes them
smart enough to understand what the real truth is.
These people don’t buy into him. The Question is
“Is this type of campaign behavior unethical? To
an extent, but not really It’s a very intelligent
way of getting votes to win the democratic parties
election. This is a technique used by many elected
Presidents in the United States, including former
President Bill Clinton. For the benefit of our
country, elected officials should be held to
higher ethical standards based on their ideas and
morals. Overall, the Senators have the final say
based on the ballots of their own state.

finding dirt on other candidates to win the
election becomes part of campaigning. In a later
scene in the movie, Jack gives a speech to a group
of elderly, Jewish, men and women In that speech
Jack emphasizes that “The United States has no
better friend in the middle east than the state of
Israel.” Obviously, the Jewish people would be
happy to here that because it’s their native land,
but it’s something that educated people would
already know or be familiar with. This is strong
tactic that Jack uses, because he not only thinks
to go after the less educated, he thinks to go
after religions. On the other hand Jacks Physical
behavior is absolutely unethical during the
campaign. The adultery, and the lying he commits
are not qualities that you look for in a
president. It makes our country look bad and it
humiliates those of us who have high hopes
(Globally) for a better way of life..

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