Example research essay topic: Offices Depend On The Work Of Talented Secretaries – 588 words

The career that I chose to write about was a
secretary. Secretaries are a vital part of any
office, whether it be a large corporation or a
small business. To be a secretary one must begin
in high school by taking any computer , filing,
typing, or accounting courses available. The most
important skills are good reading comprehension,
active learning, good, readable handwriting, and
able to speak clearly. Other related education
programs and notes are administrative assistant
and secretarial science. High school graduates who
have basic office skills may qualify for
entry-level secretarial position.

This is where
on-the-job training is valuable. As office
automation continues to evolve retraining and
continuing education will remain an integral part
of secretarial jobs. Certain personal traits are
good for making a great secretary. Significant
aptitudes include good general learning ability,
good verbal aptitude, clerical perception, and
good finger dexterity. Also the ability to work
quickly and correctly with numbers, or otherwise
known as numerical aptitudes, are very significant
to becoming a secretary. The best personality
types are conventional, enterprising, social, and
realistic personalities.

One must also be
trustworthy and able to maintain a professional
indiscretion. The responsibilities for a secretary
are answering telephones, giving information to
callers, take messages, and transfer calls to
appropriate people. They maintain calendars,
reserve and arrange travel schedules. Secretaries
greet visitors, and determines the nature of their
business. Other tasks they do are open incoming
mail, answer routine correspondences or route mail
to appropriate people. Another thing they do is
make copies of correspondence and other materials,
they order, dispense, and maintain any inventory
of supplies.

In larger offices the secretary is
the CEOs right hand man. He depends on him/her to
be included in important meetings and transcribing
the nature of these meetings. The annual earnings
range for middle 50% of all workers for
secretaries is about $18,782 to $29,390. The
average annual earnings for all most secretaries
is about $24,670, the average hourly earnings is
$11.86. Salaries vary a great deal reflecting
different skills experiences, and level of
responsibility. Salaries in different parts of the
country also vary; earnings generally are lowest
in the southern cities and highest in northern and
western cities.

In addition, salaries vary by
industry; salaries of secretaries tend to be
highest in transportation, lowest in retail trade
and finance insurance, and real estate. There are
a large amount of job openings for a secretary. A
total of 43,913 annual job openings is expected
between 1998 to 2008. Increasing office automation
will ensure little or no change in overall
employment of secretaries; growth in the health
and legal services industries, however, will spur
employment growth among medical and legal
secretaries. Being a secretary is a huge
responsibility. It would take a special person who
enjoys the clerical side and at the same time be
able to handle conflicts with personnel, visitors
and their bosses.

A secretary is actually the
backbone of the office and can make or break a
business. Its up to him/her to see that everything
runs smoothly. I couldnt personally pursue this
career for several reasons. I have higher goals
set for myself which will include a college
education, possibly a masters Degree. I could see
myself having a secretary to help me pursue my
career. A secretarial job would be perfect for
someone who has only a High School Diploma or
Junior College experience.

I also plan to earn
more money than what a secretary makes. Sitting
behind a desk dose not appeal to me either. I see
myself in a more challenging position..

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