Example research essay topic: Odysseus Embodies The Characteristics Of A True Hero – 628 words

Odysseus is the hero that the Achaeans most
admired. His intelligence, wit, and morals of the
day allow the Greeks to look up to him as a role
model. Perhaps the greatest characteristic that
separates Odysseus from the suitors and his fellow
shipmates is the wit and ability to trust the gods
with their advice. The Odyssey begins 10 years
after the Iliad had left off and Odysseus is
trapped on an island with Calypso. Odysseus then
has many hardships upon which he overcomes through
his intelligence and wit. One of the first
obstacles he conquers is his defeat of the

Once trapped in the cave of the one-eyed
monster, Odysseus must devise a plan for this
giant is consuming his men. Cunningly, Odysseus
gets the Cyclops drunk and allows him to fall into
slumber. He then blinds the Cyclops with a red-hot
spear, knowing intelligently enough that if he
kills the Cyclops they will be trapped forever.
Searching for help, the giant opens the cave.
Earlier Odysseus told the Cyclops that his name
was No-Body. When the blinded giant is seeking his
brothers he proclaims that, Nobody blinded him.
Therefore Odysseus and his men escape with their
lives by the means of this heros wit. There are
many instances throughout the epic where Odysseus
takes the advice of the gods and overcomes the
obstacles he is faced with. One of the first
events is when Odysseus encounters Aeolus, the god
of winds.

Many men would not trust this god and
not accept his secret bag of wind, believing it
would be a plague of some sort. But Odysseus
accepts Aeolus back of winds and treats him with
hospitality. Eventually, Odysseuss men, overcome
with greed and distrust, open the bag of winds and
they all are sent back to where they came. Another
instance where Odysseus accepts the gods guidance
is when the hero listens to Hermes on how to
overcome Circe. Odysseus eats the Molly that is
given to him and patiently waits for the right
time to strike. Odysseus subdues Circe and forces
her to free his men from the bondage of swine.
After living in luxury with Circe for a year, he
listens to her advice on how to return to his
homeland of Ithaca.

He then travels to Hades upon
her advice and speaks to Tiresias, the blind
prophet. Nearing the end of the Epic, Odysseus
continues to use his wit and intelligence to
overcome obstacles and hardships. Upon one attempt
to return home, Odysseus must pass the island of
the Sirens. He has his men plug their ears with
beeswax and has his men tie himself to the mast of
the ship. Even though Odysseus gives into the
weakness of the sirens song, he is unable to
escape from the bonds of the rope and his previous
intelligence saves him. Once he arrives in Ithaca,
Odysseus once again uses his wit and intelligence
to overcome his suitors and reclaim his estate.
When he first encounters the people of his land,
he wisely chooses to remain anonymous, avoiding an
unplanned struggle or fight.

Odysseus then reveals
himself to his son and few servants to plan an
attack on the suitors. At a contest to see if
anyone can string Odysseuss bow, our hero plans
his attack after stringing the bow and firing on
the suitors. His son and servants have the other
arms and they massacre the entire group of
suitors. This was one of Odysseuss final acts of
wit and intelligence to conclude the epic. Through
this intelligence and wit with trust of the gods,
Odysseus overcomes all of his obstacles against
all odds. Being a true hero, the Achaeans look up
to Odysseus as a role model with his morals held

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