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Tests always make me nervous. The night before a
test I can not sleep. Waiting for a professor to
pass out a test is like waiting for a jail
sentence. When the test is returned and I am
expecting a B or better, I see an F, waving back
and forth in red ink like an American Flag. With
this in mind, I feel like tests are an inaccurate
indication of what has been learned. Trying to get
through in time, I hurriedly rush through the

Time is a big problem. When put on a time
limit, it takes my mind off the test. I focus
mostly on finishing the test in time, not
concentrating on essential elements such as
punctuation, grammar, mechanics, and content. In
most cases I remember concepts only for the test;
they are never to be thought about again. Many
tests are accurate in testing short-term
memorization skills. They do not give an accurate
measurement of what has been learned.

I have
passed tests without learning anything, and I have
failed tests when I studied extra- hard.
“lingchun”;”Danone Is In Talks With Coke, Cadbury
To Distribute Evian”;”The U.S. bottled-water
market is growing fast recent years, while Danone
is confronting the volume decline of Evian. The
main competition of Danones Evian comes from three
market leaders — Nestls Poland Spring, PepsiCos
Aquafina and Cokes Dasani. Both of the leaders
provide less-expensive bottled-waters compared to
the premium-priced Evian. It might be a good way
to make use of rivals strength to grab sales. In
the bottled-water industry, the key success
factors are low price and a strong network of

Water is just water; it is a less out
of the ordinary product and no switching costs for
buyers. Besides, there are many substitute
products, such as juice, milk or soft drinks.
Therefore, Buyers have very strong power and are
price sensitive. Who provides low-priced products
will be the winner in the market. Danone is facing
three diversified multinational companies with
strong economies of scale and scope. With the
backup of strategic fits, those market leaders are
able to take competitive advantages. It is easy
for them to transfer competitively valuable
resources from other beverages to bottled waters.
They capitalize on cross-business economies of
scope and build low-cost advantage to outcompete

They also capture full economies of scale
and experience curve effects. Consequently, those
rival firms can provide lower price bottled-waters
and aim at a more mainstream market. If Danone can
utilize the distribution network from its rivals,
it might reduce costs in the value chain and gain
more market share. In addition, I think Danone
should also targete Evian on a differentiation
strategy to have different distribution channels
from its rivals. It can put more emphasis on
marketing Evians chic mineral water feature and
building high-quality brand image. Evian, for
example, can be distributed in fancy restaurants.
However, it is an easy-to-copy differentiating
features and cannot produce sustainable
competitive advantage in the long run.

For the
long-term viewpoint, Danone should revamp its
value chain and also target on a low-cost provider
strategy. Since price competition is very vigorous
in this market, low cost relative to competitors
is the only competitive advantage that really

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