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I personally would have to agree with changing the
federal financial aid for education policy from
everyone can apply and receive this to allow only
the people who have done military service be
eligible for federal student aid. And the
reasoning for this is to help discipline our
youth, become a larger, stronger military and it
may help our economy through the discipline people
have endured. The way I see it, if you can rough
out the time your in the military, there wont be a
job you wouldnt be able to handle. In this
argument I will try to cover most of the areas
involving mandatory military to receive federal
student aid for both able-bodied and challenged
people and some of the benefits involved. Also
some examples of countries and theyre governments
that have been using mandatory service and some
points on how it could affect us as Americans if
we were to implement mandatory military service.
People with disabilities not being able to enter
the military would not be effect in the aspect of
being eligible for federal student aid or theyre
financial situations while in school. There are
already federal aids offered to them through the

In order for mentally or physically
challenged people to receive student aid being not
that they are able to enter the military already
have certain student aid implemented already for
them. The NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship for Students
with Disabilities will provide up to five years of
support for research training leading to the Ph.D.
(or equivalent research degree), or the combined
M.D./Ph.D. degree (or other combined professional
research doctoral degrees) in the biomedical or
behavioral sciences. The intent of this
Predoctoral Fellowship Program is to encourage
students with disabilities to seek graduate
degrees and thus further the goal of increasing
the number of scientists with disabilities who are
prepared to pursue careers in biomedical and
behavioral research. Some people think that the
Selective Service system is propaganda intended to
brainwash America’s youth. On the contrary,
everyone born it the USA is an American.

And all
Americans have a dream of preserving the freedom
that was once fought to get, so in order to keep
this dream the nation needs people to help. I
think the youth that are raised today have
forgotten those dreams. There could be a couple
different ways to fix this, teach more about the
military and its purpose in schools. Make it
mandatory to serve after high school or ship them
to a country without freedom for a year or so. I
think youth would get the picture. The true
cowards, in my opinion, are the people who believe
and have think, this system is developed by
cowards who are too afraid to fight their own wars
and too afraid to face their own battles.

they choose to send children in their place. The
Selective Service System truly shows the level of
freedom in this country. When children are forced
to die to fulfill the selfish desires of a
cowardly government there is a problem. Another
example of needing more military personnel is and
has been on the demand since the cold war. Because
of the actions in Afghanistan, and the buildup to
support those actions, we have had to call up
large numbers of reservists. A lot of these
reservists being used work as police officers,
firefighters and emergency medical technicians are
being drained of precisely the people we will need
if the terrorists return.

We are likely to need
thousands more men and women in uniform to deal
with terrorists threats here in America, as well
as having to use are military personnel for such
thing as airport security, guarding dams, nuclear
power plants, sports complexes, boarder patrols
and US embassies. Not just military, this nation
also needs more federal agents to help with
tracking down the immigrants who have overstayed
their visas. More FBI agents to uncover terrorist
cells still operating inside and outside our
boarders. Some other thoughts that have arose from
this topic, is the money issue. Some say that if
military was mandatory that there would be a lot
more money spent on these people being forced to
serve. The armed services have had to double
starting salaries to recruit half as many
enlistees as they did in the mid 80s.

And the
quality of new recruits isnt what it should be due
to people thinking of only the money and not
preserving freedom. Last year, the army took in
380 recruits with felony arrest records. There is
another aspect that has been brought up. And that
is the fact that the military is not for everyone.
There is some truth to that, expectually now. But
if other countries have been successful at having
mandatory military services, then I think that we
would be able to implement this as well. I
personally think that if this were a new
government law, there would be problems for the
first 5-10 years with people that dont want to be
in the military.

But maybe if there were more
drawbacks to receiving dishonorable discharges and
much stricter punishments within the military
rank, then I think this would possible change
people and there thinking in general. Although
most youth now have a deep psychological
resistance to mandatory service, born in part of
our memory of how the class-biased draft of the
Vietnam era helped divide America. People tend to
forget that the equitable draft of the World War
II era helped unify the country. Lets grant that
because of todays high-tech weapons and complex
war-fighting strategies, combat itself must be
left to professionals. Still, there remain
hundreds of thousands of vital military jobs that
could be filled with short termers. So as you can
see, there are advantages to mandatory services
for both the country and individuals that had

Many people that have served believed that
they have been taught the true meaning of fighting
for freedom and now have learned more disciplined
through there experience. And being the only
people to receive federal financial aid is just
one of the bonuses of helping there country.
Besides, military and ex-military alike have
received low interest home loans, well below
normal interest rates, for many years and no one
has argued that benefit to be wrong and
discriminative. Others that have been young
criminals could vary well be changed or they could
use there angers to help fight for there country..

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