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We are sympathetic towards MacBeth for various
reasons. Reasons like that he never wanted to kill
Duncan and the witches predictions were to
tempting. Or that his wife almost shamed into
doing it to prove to her that he was a man. After
hearing those reasons you cannot forget about the
pressure he received from Lady MacBeth’s degrading
insults. If we look at the first reason for
sympathy towards MacBeth it shows you that MacBeth
was a little interested in what the witches were
saying. But MacBeth wasnt actually considering to
kill the king or devising a plan to.

Just like
anyone else he was curious how it would all
become. If he wanted to kill Duncan he would of
engineered his own plan to do kill him. After not
wanting to kill the king you should take into
consideration how his wife treats him after he
considers not killing Duncan. Lady MacBeth
ridicules him and his manhood by saying “What
beast was’t then.” in lines 47 to 59 on page 33.
She made must of made him feel ashamed and
pathetic to be spoken down to by his wife. With a
wife as obsessed about being queen as lady
MacBeth, you would think that MacBeth would want
to let down the woman he loves by not attempting
to become the king. For a man that never showed
remorse or never regretted a thing he did it would
be easy not to show sympathy towards him.

MacBeth did show remorse and did regret some of
his actions. For after he killed the king he
showed his remorse in lines 60-66 on page 47. And
he did show remorse by when he said “She should
have died hereafter;” lines 17-27 on page 147. We
show sympathy towards MacBeth because he was a
good man. MacBeth just couldnt fight all of the
temptations he had to face. He did say no to them
in the beginning, but after having to picture
himself as king, seeing people hail him, and
having his wife insult him he gave in.

I feel
sympathy towards MacBeth because of how he behaved
right after killing Duncan. I also feel sympathy
towards MacBeth for that he never really wanted to
kill Banquo and the others. MacBeth was afraid and
being afraid is human. Bibliography:.

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