Example research essay topic: Literary Devices Used In “brave New World” By Aldous Huxley – 698 words

In the book Brave New World the author, Aldous
Huxley, uses rhetorical strategies and devices to
show his readership the consequences that can come
from continuing on the destructive path of
self-involvement that can lead to the dystopia
presented in the book. In the forward of the book,
Huxley defines his purpose of Brave New World as the advancement of science as it affects human
individuals. The triumphs of physics, chemistry
and engineering are tacitly taken for granted…
It is only by means of the sciences of life that
the quality of life can be radically changed. He
explains that his purpose is to show how
technology can be turned against the good of
humans and forced into the course of mass
destruction of what we know now as the world. One
of the big themes that comes from the grave
advancement of technology is the idea of social
predestination. In the book, people are no longer
made by a father and a mother but purely by

These machines have the ability to make
as many twins as in the upward of 16,000 per egg
used. This is called the Bokanovskys process and
it is one of the rhetorical strategies used by
Huxley to get his audience to respond quite
negatively and hate this process because no one
longer has a family which is something very dear
to everyone. In this process, those who are chosen
to be lower class are the ones who go through the
Bokanovskys process. They also have alcohol and
other harmful substances put into their test tubes
at just the right stage in their development so
they are biologically inept. Of course there is
not just a lower class, there is also many more
social classes which are all determined prior to
birth. This is very disturbing to Huxleys audience
because something they have always been taught (a
person can rise up above their status in life and
succeed) is no longer true, people are now
biologically engineered so they cant do anything
more than they are intended to do in life.

metaphor that runs continuously throughout the
book is the insect metaphor. In this, there are
ceaseless references to people being insects. At
one point, Huxley even says, This hive of
industry, as the Director was fond of calling it,
was in the full buzz of work.(pg.147) In this one
sentence there are words with unbelievable insect
connotations including the words hive and buzz.
This world Huxley has created is just like an
insect colony, no one minds being where they are
in society and they are content with how
everything works. They work for the good of the
community and dont think about themselves. The
effect of everyone working for the community makes
social stability. No one is jealous of others
place in life and no one even takes the time to
think about if they want things to change or even
care to.

With social stability, the dictators no
longer have to worry about threats to their world;
things should stay the way they are forever. Both
of these concepts form together to create the
metaphor of the social body which is one of the
running themes in the book. In essence, society as
a whole is conceptualized to be a single person.
Each person in the society is like a cell,
mindlessly working for the good of the body
(community). In the book, murder is not of much
significance because each cell is easily disposed
of and is of very little importance to the body.
Aldous Huxley uses his expert knowledge of peoples
emotions to lead people to feel a certain way
about the book. He, in a sense, engineers peoples
feelings to feel what he wants them to. His
audience feels quite negatively about things that
happen in the book.

He insults the things that
matter most to us, sense of self and our ability
to choose what we want for ourselves. Huxley
purposely takes this away from the people in the
book, almost as a threat to his readers, saying,
if you dont do something about this then your life
will be like these people..

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