Example research essay topic: Issues With The Credibility Of History In The Classroom – 330 words

Mr. Loewen in chapter 11 “Why is history taught
like this” tries to give different reasons why in
fact history is taught this way in our schools. He
switches between blaming and then forgiving the
upper class in influencing authors and publishers
for these types of textbooks. (Lies 273-276) They
may be part to blame in the influence on some
subjects however the textbooks on the average are
not chosen by these people but by committees who
are part of the countless school systems
throughout this great nation. These committees who
do chose which textbooks are used in their schools
dont actually have the time to read the textbooks
but rather they scan through them. This in turn is
a major motivator for the publisher to have a book
that is flashy and eye catching rather then a
textbook that is true to history.

Textbooks are
also written on the attitudes and social
conditions of the time of the author rather then
accurate historical facts. (Lie 293) Textbooks are
being written this way and history is being taught
this way to show people how they should act and
strive to be. This relays to the student what is
deemed acceptable to everyone and what is not.
When it comes to a student remembering historical
lessons they normally do not remember what is
being taught to them unless they are moved by it.
( Lies 301) So what is the result to a society
where our students are being taught this way? The
number one result is that students do not know the
true history of their country nor do they remember
what they were taught in class. This is a sad
conclusion but Mr. Loewen feels it is an accurate
one given responses to questions he has asked his
students throughout the years. .

Our children need
not be sheltered from our true history, rather
they should learn all that has happened so we can
prevent the same mistakes in our history from
being repeated..

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