Example research essay topic: Issues Regarding Juvenile Offenders And Juvenile Justice – 330 words

The Misconceptions -Although there is a widespread
perception that teen violence in the United States
is out of control, the truth is that our overall
perceptions are fueled by dramatic occurrences
that do not quite reflect reality. For example,
fewer than 20 children under the age of 14 commit
murder in any given year. -Homicides committed by
juveniles are relatively rare, accounting for only
14% of all homicides for which an offender was
identified in 1995. -75% of homicide victims ages
12 to 17 are killed by adults. The Facts -Juvenile
courts in the U.S. processed nearly 1.8 million
delinquency cases cases in 1996, an increase of
49% since 1987.

-Juveniles accounted for 19% of
all violent crime arrests in 1994. -Murders of
juveniles increased 66% between 1985 and 1995,
mainly in the group aged 12 through 16. -Among
juvenile offenders, males made up 85% of the total
juvenile arrests for Violent Crime Index offenses,
although the rate of increase for females (34%)
from 1991 to 1995 was four times the rate of
increase for males. -African American juveniles
were six times more likely than Caucasian
juveniles to be victims of homicide in 1994 (61%
of offenders were African American and 36% were
Caucasian. -Schools are primary settings for
juvenile violence (37% of all violent crimes
experienced by youths aged 12 to 15 occurred on
school grounds, while 56% of all juvenile
victimizations (property and violent crimes) in
1991 occurred in school or on school property.
-Gun homicides by juveniles in the U.S. tripled
between 1983 and 1997, while homicides involving
other weapons declined.

-According to the Centers
for Disease Control (1993), 2.5 million teenagers
in the U.S. carry weapons and frequently take them
to school. Limitations/Future Challenges
Successful interventions cost money and a
significant investment of human resources. It is
unclear as to whether or not local, state, or
federal govt. officials will commit to approaches
based on valid research and knowledge, rather than
on policies in order to win votes. It is also
unclear as to whether or not govt.

officials will
fund studies at the level they need to be in order
to determine what works..

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