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Throughout this article the author says that if
one school district tries to inform people that if
one is not one of the few elitist than one should
not go to college. He thinks that there are too
many people that are going to college than there
are jobs for. He says himself that “yet our
colleges blithely go on “educating” many more
prospective manager and professional than we
likely need. In my own field, there are typically
more students majoring in journalism at any giving
moment than there are journalist employed all in
the US ” This is true with many other jobs; he
calls them “periodic over supplied M.B.A.-wielding
graduates.” In such jobs as financial annalist,
teachers, computers programmers and engineers he
calls overpopulated. Some of those are the people
we look up to are now unemployed only because
there are not enough jobs for them in our society.
He many points telling why many students waste
money on a college education” The U.S. Labor
Departments Bureau of Statistics reports that
about twenty percent of all college graduates toil
in fields not requiring a degree, and is projected
to exceed thirty percent by the year 2005″ He even
talks about the lower level of students so the
teacher are forced to lower the curriculum.

article gives readers many facts and statistics on
why not go to college. It gives them a good
objective point of view on not wasting their time
on educating themselves, but to go to training
schools for jobs that are more practical for them.
There may be a lot of people that won’t agree with
Henery and there may be a lot of people that do
agree with him. Some of the people that I have
discussed this article with thought that he had
some good ideas. They liked the Ideas about having
training schools for blue collar jobs but they
also think that people should have the choice of
going to college. Instead of being chosen at an
early age they should have the choice around high
school or be recommended to go to a training
school. My point is about as alternative as you
are going to get.

That is for people considering
going to college should read this article or one
like it before applying. I am a person who doesn’t
get the best grades, but I still want to go to
college. I think the Henery was right about a lot
of fields being overpopulated . On the other hand
there are those people who are determined to
succeed. They might not be the smartest, but they
are best because they are blue collar workers at
white collar jobs that are working the
“marcowho”;”Math For Life”;”Clarification – Math
There is a very famous quote worldwide that
states: A picture is worth a thousand words. Well,
how would you know how much are a thousand words
if you dont know and arent familiar with math and
dont know how to count? That is just one of the
many examples of how important math is in life

Knowing math could bring your life numerous
successes than if you didnt understand math. The
first reason why you have to know math is because
many jobs and careers are based on math, and if
you havent learned arithmetics then you wont be
able to uncover a superior and high-paying job.
Many professions nowadays use technology, but if
you cant figure out your math concepts then you
wont know how to handle and use technology. You
also wouldnt be able to unravel problems without
math and since many jobs needs people with
advanced and excellent problem solving skills,
then my presumption is, itll definitely be
difficult for you to find one then. Lets say that
you want an occupation in statistics but you dont
know how to plot and graph, well then, there goes
your once in a lifetime opportunity unless you
acquire the mandatory math skills. I go through
many problems everyday. Some are more important
than others but for every dilemma, I have had to
use at least a little bit of math to resolve those

Math is a key factor in helping to solve
peoples problems. Math is a crucial step in every
logical and critical thinking concept. Arithmetic
teaches you how to count how many books you have
and measure how long your feet are. You cant
lucratively manage your own money and finances
unless you gain the knowledge of math functions.
Everyday, many world tribulations and personal
dilemmas are solved each day using mathematical
methods of thinking. World hunger, wars, and
pollutions are resolved as well as what size shoes
you should buy and how much milk you should use in
baking cookies are all solved using math.
Predicting comes very handy and easy with math.
You can approximate how much your income or
allowance grows each year and how much it will be
next year. Even if you dont care at all about your
mathematical education, youll still eventually
realize how important it is and how without a
proper mathematical edification, itll just be like
having no education at all.

Not knowing how to
predict, estimate, measure, and count are just
like not knowing to comprehend, read or write.
Youll almost be mentally retarded without math.
You wouldnt be able to make a living or any money
if you cant even process basic math. Youll feel
left out without math in your life because
practically everyone knows it. It is the
foundation of all knowledge and without it your
life would be twisted. You probably wouldnt even
be able to do anything. Math is so important in
life that everything and everyone depends on it.
Almost every career and employment requires you to
know a basic education of math. Many day-to-day
problems from urgent to not so urgent are disputed
with mathematical perception.

No matter how
talented or smart you are or you think you are,
youll still have virtually no future without math,
itll just be like a huge hole in your education,
especially since nowadays and in the future we
will and are using a lot of technology in our
daily lives and many people who has studied math
knows that technology is every bit connected to

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