Example research essay topic: Ignorance And Negligence Of Military Commanders At Pearl Harbor – 635 words

The Japanese navy launched a surprise attack on US
forces in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,
killing thousands of US troops. This surprise
attack played a key factor in the United States
entering World War II. Because of the local
commanders lack of attention and good judgment,
the Japanese had the ability to attack the naval
base and were successful in doing so. Primarily,
the commanders ignored the obvious warnings of an
attack from the Japanese and the current political
situation between Japan and the United States. On
the day of the bombing, the commanders once again
ignored the obvious signs of an act. Because of
this ignorance and negligence, Japan was
successful in bombing Pearl Harbor.

First of all,
the local commanders at Pearl Harbor ignored the
obvious warnings of an attack from the Japanese ad
the current political situation between Japan and
the United States. The first obvious sign was the
fact that Japan had been attacking southeastern
Asia in order to expand their empire and acquire
valuable resources. Because of the protective
nature of the United States navy, Japan felt the
US was a threat. They felt the only way to protect
their territory was to eliminate the US navy. On
November 24 and 27, 1941, Washington sent warning
to the commanders at Pearl Harbor. The local
leaders in Pearl Harbor blatantly ignored these
warning, including Admiral H.E.

Kimmel and General
W.C. Short. They claimed Hawaii was not included
in the warning even though the warning was meant
for all Pacific commanders. Kimmel and Short felt
they required specific instructions and strategies
from Washington in order to carry out successful
defensive measures. Thus, it can be argued that
Washington could have been more specific in its
warning. This vagueness can be noted in the
Message of November 27, 1941.

The message from
General Walter Short and the message from Admiral
Huband E. Kimmel further exemplifies Washingtons
lack of specific information. Furthermore, the
commanders in Pearl Harbor did not pay attention
to the obvious signs of conflict on the day of the
attack. A primary example of these signs on the
morning of the attack on Oahu, would be when a
Japanese midget submarine was spotted and sunk by
a US destroyer just outside of the entrance to the
harbor. This should have been considered as a
dangerous threat and defensive preparation for a
full-blown attack on Pearl Harbor. In addition,
radar operators on Hawaii spotted a large blob on
the radar screens.

The commanders believed it was
a formation of US bombers that were supposed to be
due in that day and ignored the radar readings.
Later on it became known that this radar blob was
nearly one hundred fifty Japanese aircraft on
their way to destroy American forces in Pearl
Harbor. The commanders acted lazily and ignorantly
by ignoring the signs before and on the day of the
attack. A combat air patrol should have been
launched as the smallest form of precaution
against a potential threat. Furthermore, to be
safe, the harbor could have been put on full air
raid alert, because of the spot on the radar
screens. Japan was quite aware of Hawaiis lack of
readiness, as displayed in the Japanese
Intelligence Report from Tokyo. However, this
readiness was suggested in Hawaii by some, as
noted in the message from Richard Turner.

ignorance and negligence of the local military
commanders at Pearl Harbor were almost entirely
responsible for the success of the attack on Pearl
Harbor. However, Washingtons vagueness in their
war-warning plays a minor role in the attack.
Despite this vagueness, the fact that local
commanders completely ignored the warnings from
Washington and obvious military signs on the day
of the attack, they allowed Japan to take an easy
victory and cause the most devastating military
defeat in American history..

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