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… have to read them aloud in class. – Maya took
a job for Mrs. Viola Cullinan and met the cook,
Miss Glory. One of Mrs. Cullinan’s friends enraged
Maya when she suggested shed be called Mary
because Margaret was too long when her name wasnt
even Margaret.

Miss Glory explained that she had
changed her name too from Hallelujah to Glory. –
Maya was still furious (from her childhood) so she
deliberately broke some of Mrs. Cullinan’s
favorite dishes. – Bailey missed Vivian and
boarded a boxcar, but ended up stranding himself
in Baton Rouge for two weeks. – After a church
revival, everyone was listening to the Joe Louis
boxing match on the radio in the store. Joe Louis
was a hero for the blacks, it was almost a fight
of proving that black people were just as strong
as white people.

– In a summer picnic, Maya
wandered into an isolated area to sit next to the
tree. Louise Kendricks, a girl of the same age met
Maya. They were a little shy, but soon became best
friends. – Tommy Valdon sent Maya a valentine. She
showed it to Louise and they tore the note into
tiny pieces and threw it to the wind. Tommy saw
Maya and her friend tear up his valentine, but he
still considered her his valentine.

Tommys crush passed. – Bailey set up a tent in the
yard for sexual purposes, he lost his virginity to
a girl named Joyce. He stole goods from the store
for her and she left after a couple of months. Her
aunt, Mrs. Goodman, revealed that she ran away
with a railroad porter. Bailey was heartbroken.

Maya felt that she was entering a new as she
graduated from the eighth grade. Maya was
salutatorian. Mr. Edward Donleavy was the speaker
at the ceremony, he gave a speech about the
progress in their local school, the new equipment
the whites got, and about the college athletes
from the Lafeyette County Training School. Maya
was angry that it seemed like he was saying that
black people are only good for their athletic
ability. – Maya developed a toothache and had to
see the dentist.

Momma took her to Dr. Lincoln,
but he refused to see black people even though
Momma had loaned him money. Momma had to take Maya
to a black dentist in Texarkana. – Bailey came
home shaken one day after he saw a dead black body
while a white man grinned at the sight of it. He
wondered what black people had done to make white
people hate them so much. Shortly after this
experience, Momma planned for Bailey and Maya to
live in California with their mother.

– Vivian
supported them by gambling because she didnt like
to labor. Vivian married Daddy Clidell and they
moved to San Francisco around World War II. – The
changing atmosphere during the war in San
Francisco made Maya feel comfortable in her life.
Maya did exceptional in school and was one of the
only three black students in the school. She
achieved a scholarship to the California Labor
School and studied the arts. – Maya spent their
summer with Big Bailey and Dolores whom Maya did
not have any connection with, Big Bailey thought
it was sort of funny. – Big Bailey took Maya on
one of his shopping trips.

His jokes and
personality made Maya start to enjoy herself with
him, but she was scared when she couldnt find him.
Maya had to drive them home because he was
completely drunk. He wasnt angry at all about the
accident. – Dolores and Big Bailey argued about
Maya coming between them. Maya tried to calm her
down by saying that she didnt mean to come between
them, but when Dolores insulted Vivian they
started to fight. Angelou noticed that she was
bleeding, so she locked herself in her father’s
car. Big Bailey took her to his friends after she
fought Dolores to get her wounds bandaged and to
spend the night.

Maya left his friends even though
Big Bailey said he would return in the evening.
She went to a junkyard and found a group of black,
white, and Mexican homeless people. Bootsie let
her stay with them if she followed the rules. Boys
could not sleep with girls, no stealing, and they
all shared what theyd earn. – Maya stayed for a
month then called her mom to pay for her to get
back to San Francisco. This event was important
because she learned how to be tolerant. – Bailey
and Vivian have heated tension because Baileys
been wearing more flashy clothing and is with a
white prostitute.

Eventually Bailey moves out
because of Vivians rules and disliking to his
change. They make up shortly and Vivian gets him a
job in the South Pacific. – Maya takes off from
school and successfully became the first black
person to work on the San Francisco streetcars. At
school, Maya writes about teen hood compared to
adulthood and how black women have to deal with
both prejudices: being black and being a woman. –
Maya believed she was turning into a lesbian
because of her prepubesant features and the well
of loneliness. Vivian explained that the changes
were normal growth in her body.

– Maya looked
insistently for a boyfriend to confirm that she
was not a lesbian. After a little trouble finding
one, she spent an unfulfilling experience with a
near by man and discovered weeks later that she
was pregnant. – Bailey told Maya to keep it a
secret because Vivian was against abortions and so
she wouldnt quit school. After she graduated, she
revealed her pregnancy. Vivian and Daddy Clidell
were both understanding and accepting. – Maya
delivered her son and was fascinated in his
fragile body.

She stayed awake all night when she
was sleeping with her son. Vivian told her that if
she was for the right thing, she didn’t have to
think doing it, you just do it without thinking. –
The primary theme of I Know why the Caged Bird
Sings is that the world and growing up can be
complicated and harsh. Maya has been faced with
numerous unfortunate events and wasnt born with a
silver spoon either. She had the misfortune of
being black in a time in which they were still
constantly persecuted and a woman in a time in
which they werent entirely respected. She was a
very young child when she was forced to live with
her grandmother and uncle because of her parents
divorce and the area was filled with prejudice.
Then she goes to live with her mother in
California where she is raped by her mothers

When she goes to stay with her father,
his girlfriend Dolores stabs her with scissors and
Maya ends up trying to survive in a junkyard for a
month. Things pick up for Maya after she learned
how to be tolerant and independent after the
junkyard, she proved she could overcome the
struggles of life by becoming the first black
streetcar conductor in San Francisco and
graduating high school. She finally feels
connected after she gives birth to her son. Only
due to her determination and what she had learned
from past experiences did she overcome her
struggles. Bibliography:.

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