Example research essay topic: How Ritalin Can Create And Unfair Advantage In Schools – 451 words

Treating ADHD with Ritalin is a way to ignore the
situations and factors that may exacerbate the
symptoms of the disorder. Parents need to take
some responsibility for their childrens disorders
and seek treatments besides Ritalin. Physicians
should recommend a program that combines chemical
and behavioral treatments to assist children in
working through their disorder. It seems that
Ritalin may be over prescribed in our country,
with an estimated 2 million children taking
Ritalin (Breggin, 1995). Physicians rarely take
the time to find out if Ritalin is even the best
solution for an ADHD child. The best way to
determine this is to alternate days of giving a
child Ritalin and a placebo and recording the
resulting behavior.

If Ritalin is found to be more
effective than the placebo, the doctor should
devise a plan to work the drug, along with
behavioral therapy, into the childs treatment plan
for a limited amount of time. Behavioral therapy
for ADHD children and families can help in a
variety of ways. While behavioral therapy may take
more time, effort, and money than simple drug
treatments, it may have more lasting and valuable
effects. For example, around the time children
enter school, they begin to learn that they have
to take responsibility for the choices and actions
that they make. Without behavioral therapy,
children on Ritalin may not be able to make those
same conclusions, and instead blame their
disorders for their actions (Breggin, 1995). It
should be noted that with Ritalin alone, children
with ADHD are still distinguishable among their
peers in regard to behavior patterns and academic
performance (Whalen & Henker, 1998).
Behavioral therapy may teach children how to have
normal interactions with others and increase the
chance that peers will accept the ADHD child.

therapy may also be able to teach children
strategies to help them succeed in school.
Behavioral treatments should also involve the
parents, who also carry some responsibility for
their childrens improvement. Parents should be
taught methods of discipline that do not involve
giving into the childrens behavior. The therapy
can also identify risk factors and issues in the
family that may trigger reactions in ADHD
children. If parents learn to deal with these
issues, their children may begin to function in a
more appropriate way. Ritalin is a drug with many
side effects and its prescription should not be
taken lightly. Physicians who prescribe only
Ritalin for ADHD are ignoring the fact that
Ritalin does not work for all children and that
when taken off Ritalin, ADHD children most often
return to their previous behavior patterns.
Physicians should prescribe Ritalin only on a
limited basis and only when behavioral treatments
for the child and for the parents are recommended
as well..

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