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Giovanni Boccaccio was born in Paris on December
21, 1375 to a merchant from Certaldo who was a man
of some prominence in Florence. Shortly after his
birth his father deserted his mother and took
Giovanni to Florence. There he was put in school
until he was ten years old. He was sent to Naples
to study law in 1323. He abandoned law and
dedicated himself to classical and scientific
studies. The king had an illegal daughter, Maria
de Conti dAquino.

Even thought proof of her
existent has not been established, she was said to
be Boccaccios mistress and she inspired a great
deal of his work. When he returned to Florence in
1340 he performed many diplomatic services for the
cities government. In 1350 he met the famous
humanist Petrarch. They were friends till Petrarch
died. In Boccaccios last years, he turned to
religious meditation, were brightened by his
appointment in 1373 to lecturer in Dante. His
lecturers were interrupted by his illness, which
killed him the following year.

His most famous
work was II Decamerone translated to The Decamron
that means Ten Days Work. A group of friends,
seven women and three men, all well bred, of worth
and discretion, to escape an outbreak of the
plague have taken refuge in a country villa
outside Florence. There they entertain one another
over a period of ten days with a series of stories
told by each member of the party in turn. In this
work Boccaccio gathered material from many
sources: the French fabliau, Greek and Latin
classics, folklore, and observations of
contemporary Italian life. Boccaccio has written
many other writings many for his love Maria
dAquino. Among illustrious English writers who
were influenced by Boccaccios works and used them
as source material are Geoffrey Chaucer,
Shakespeare, and John Dryden.

The structure of
Chaucers Canterbury Tales, for example, which also
employs the frame story device, is modeled after
that of The Decameron..

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