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The Renaissance was, essentially, a revival or
rebirth of cultural awareness and learning that
took place during the fourteenth and fifteenth
centuries. It followed the Middle Ages, and was
basically a time of the revival of learning after
the Middle Ages, or Dark Ages, a time with little
increase of ideas, inventions or developments. The
Renaissance brought many changes to Europe, and
the economy was greatly boosted by of all the new
explorations. The flourishing economy helped to
inspire new developments in art and literature,
and from that many new beliefs were formed. With
the arts the artists began to think on their own
and those movements began to spread. It was not
just what the church said anymore that was right.
Humanism, one of the new beliefs which was formed
during the Renaissance, said that people should
read the works of the greats and focus on writing,
and the arts.

Another of the new beliefs was
scholasticism, which was the opposite of humanism.
Scholastics thought that people should spend more
time the sciences, they also wanted the church and
science to be brought together as one. As new
scientific discoveries were made many of the
churches theories were beginning to be questioned.
Some of the new scientific discoveries consisted
of theories which went against the churches
beliefs. The renaissance period in art history
corresponds to the beginning of the great western
age of discovery and exploration, when a general
desire developed to examine all aspects of nature
and the world. Art, during this period, became
valued — not merely as a vehicle for religious
and social identity, but even more as a mode of
personal, aesthetic expression. During the
Renaissance there were many drastic changes in the
style of art. Early renaissance artist sought to
create art forms consistent with the appearance of
the natural world and with their experience of
human personality and behavior, and artists
studied the way light hits objects and the way our
eyes percieve light.

These artists made an effort
to go beyond straightforward transcription of
nature, to provide the work of art with ideal,
intangible qualities, giving it a beauty and
significance greater and more permanent than that
actually found in nature. A new kind of paint
called oil paint was used. This allowed the artist
to create texture , mix colors, and allow more
time for corrections before it dried. During the
Renaissance, art was a branch of knowledge. It was
a way to show God and his creations, as well as a
science, of anatomy and perspective. Also during
the Renaissance there were many people who used
art as a way to record discoveries and inspired
people to take pleasure in the world around them.
In 1452 AD, a genius named Leonardo da Vinci was
born in a small town called Vinci.

He was the
illegitimate son of a local lawyer. When he was
small he loved to draw pictures of plants,
insects, flowers, animals, and birds. Not only was
Leonardo an artist, but he was also an architect,
musician, sculptor, scientist, inventor, and
mathematician. Leonardo painted very
realistically, and an advancement of Leonardos was
to make his backgrounds very detailed and in
proper aerial perspective. Another great artist of
this time was Michelangelo Buonarroti. He was born
near Florence, Italy, in 1475 AD.

When he was
thirteen, he learned a lot about art while walking
through the streets on his way to school. He
recorded mentally images he saw in ever day life.
His teacher was Domencio Ghirlandio, a very famous
artist. Ghirlandio taught Michelangelo many
things, but none more important than the art of
fresco. Michelangelo used this technique while
painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Although Michelangelo was a good and prolific
painter, he enjoyed sculpting the most.
Michelangelo, as well as Leonardo, were both
geniuses in art and paved the way for other great
artist of this time period and time periods to
come. Another artist, Giotto, was a very
influential painter during the start of the
Renaissance. In Giotto’s work he used three
dimensional images, this was a drastic change from
the classic art where depth was not used.

painting were very realistic and life like, unlike
the previous centuries art. Giotto’s work inspired
artists by the likes of Leonardo de Vinci, Raphael
and Michaelango. During the Renaissance, artist
were no longer regarded as mere artisans, as they
had been to the medieval past, but for the first
time emerged as independent personalities,
compared to poets and writers. Many artisans
merged mathematics with art , in order to become
more precise in their measurements and to make
sure an object was supported both rationally and
proportionally. However, Renaissance artists also
placed human concerns and feelings at the center
of their works. Such optimism combined with
intellectual curiosity and increasing worldliness
made it possible for art to be valued..

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