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Harry Potter is everyones hero. His father and
mother were killed when he was young and he is
forced to live with his aunt and uncle. They treat
him like trash while they treat their own child as
if he were a sacred idol. What is so appealing
about this book is that almost every child can
relate to this book in some way or another.
Whether it is grave mistreatment by elders or a
spoiled sibling, many children find a resemblance
of themselves in this fictional character. People,
especially children, want to escape from their
mundane world of reality where the sun shines on
your bare neck, and enter the world of make
believe. Best of all, all you have to do is hop
onto the bed with Harry Potter in hand.

Potter is an entrancing book. It takes you on a
trip you will never forget as you follow this
fictional character around in battling his
problems in a mythical world. Strangely enough,
there is stark resemblance between his life and
ones life, for everyone can see a shadow of ones
self constantly battling the evils of society (Or
in this case Hogwarts). Unfortunately, like life
itself, Harry Potter somehow always winds up in
trouble, only to be saved by friends who join
forces Harry to save the day. Harry Potter is a
cross reflection of our image imposed upon by our
imagination, and exposed in a book, whose
individuality and self-determination is for all to
read and aspire to. Good over Evil.

Hero over
Anti-Hero. Protagonist over Antagonist. Victory
triumphing over defeat. Is that not what we all
want to see? Is that not what we all want to
experience? Harry Potter brings it to us. We are
all unique yet connected in certain ways. Everyday
we are faced with difficulty, but it is our
uniqueness that helps us prevail.

Harry Potter
shows that even facing tremendous odds, success
can be achieved, and the day can be saved. When
the book is read, the feeling of perseverance
soars through the veins like a fish in the sea.
Harry, in Harry Potter, is the undisputed hero.
However, there are many anti-heroes. Malfoy is
Harrys biggest enemy, however,
He-who-must-not-be-named, is Harrys biggest
threat. Malfoy is representative of the schoolyard
bully. He represents in many ways, the qualities
of a simple-minded sinister child. He is stupid
yet forceful; constantly making Harry Potters life
miserable and never caring of others.

Malfoy plays
many tricks on Harry but Harry always manages to
find a way to counter Malfoys tricks and ploys, or
simply ignore them all together. Again, we see the
hero triumphing over the anti-hero. All the little
children that feel that the schoolyard bully often
mistreats them would easily buy into this clever
ploy. We all love to see people succeed over the
negative factors that play against them. The fact
that Malfoys ruse sometimes works against him only
adds to the joy and glee of millions of children
around the world who always dream of righteousness
being served the unruly and the unjust. Later on
in the series, Harry not only gets to fight
Malfoy, but also the man who killed his parents.
The epic moment occurs when the best of good, and
the worst of evil come together in a heated battle
over the fate of the world.

Once again Harry
succeeds over overwhelming odds, due to help from
the spirit of his deceased parents. Though Harry
is never really able to completely destroy evil
itself. Harry is able to downplay the works of
evil, and to the readers, it is success. Success
is all that matters. People want to feel happy.
They want to feel joy, happiness and above all,
that a great achievement has occurred. Peer
pressure, teasing, mistreatment by teachers,
restrictions from extra-curricular activities are
all evils they are what we despise and what we
sometimes hate.

We all wish to end peer pressure.
We all want to punch the schoolyard bully. We all
want to overcome to weird and grossly unjustified
teacher, but in real life that just does not
happen everyday. In real life, we give in to peer
pressure and the school-yard bully and we often
give in to the unjust teacher, but when we pick up
the book, we are able to make what is right happen
everyday, though it only occurs in our
imaginations, it is enough to feed the soul and
lift the spirit of all. At the end of Harry
Potter, as in the end of all happy and blithe
stories, Harry is the successor and wins temporary
triumph over evil. Temporary cessation of the
harshness of society, separated from you by a wall
of victory and a waterfall of glory. Once again, a
cherishable character is born into the welcoming
arms of the public.

A masterpiece has replaced the
N64 from the limelight of society and a book is
now one of a childs most prized possessions. After
reading this great book, everyone comes out a

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