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Over the course of a brief, yet eternally long
summer, I ceased to be a child. The culmination of
years worth of bickering and a marriage teetering
precariously on the rocks became one single, two
syllable word which I associate with my own
personal apocalypse: divorce. Forced to pick up
the pieces of my shattered reality, my simple
15-year-old mind was morphed into a whole new
existence. Slowly it evolved, but it was
emotionally hindered. The main emotion that
illuminated in my mind was the deeply frustrating
one called uncertainty. Over the first few days it
took my father to pack up his whole life after the
age of thirty and ship out, it was all that I
could think about.

Although I thought I would be
prepared for that fateful early summer day by
previous pseudo break-ups, nothing could prepare
me for the floodgate of emotional turmoil that
opened up and poured out all over me. Saturated to
the core, I was devastated. The next few weeks
were an eventful haze. Occupied by innumerable
verbal barrages of pure passion between my parents
and the uncomfortable chats about how “everything
will be alright,” I felt more alone than anyone
should dare feel. More and more I boarded myself
up within myself, seeking the comfort of my own
aloneness and never letting anyone share the grief
of the death of my childhood. The more I thought,
the more I missed my previous naivet and simple
existence, which I had lost forever.

The chaos
that was my mind continued to swirl on its own
trajectory, never resting. My dad picked up 15
years of his life and left all that I had known of
him to my memories. I was slowly recovering from
the intense shock of my situation and of my death;
the only medicine was the ever-powerful
experience. My days were spent all alone as my
mother was working, my father nowhere to be found
and my older sister no longer living with us. My
little brother could do nothing to comfort me; he
was drowning in his own existence. Each passing
day filled me with more and more emotional turmoil
and I was about to burst.

Well, that happened a
little while later. Dad came back to talk to me a
few weeks later just as I was finally starting to
heal. Quickly my wounds were ravaged once more by
his words. Who knew talking was going to hurt this
much? Basically he said he was sorry and that he
was going to make everything better, but his empty
promises only crushed me further. Now I knew they
would never get back together, the secret hope of
mine. After he left, the first tear rolled down my

That lone tear represented my whole
childhood being lowered 6 feet into the ground to
be buried and never seen again. It was the
miscarriage of my previous reality, with my mind
and perception rejecting it once more. More than
ever before I turtled within myself. Weeks passed
with repetitious day of video games, one-on-one
basketball games and the occasional baseball game
of my worst season. Playstation became the alcohol
that I drowned myself in and I engorged in its
reality. I tried to siphon out the makeshift
reality of the hero or the sports celebrity into
my own, but I never seemed to incorporate it

Bits and pieces of the fantastic digital
world floated around in my mind and I loved the
attention. My mom was too busy and I was far too
hurt to let her attention influence me. While my
relationships in video games and the extravagant
romances of my mind soared, my relationships with
actual people were floundering. I didnt call up
one friend that entire surreal summer and mostly
stayed in the castle of my room and my passport to
anywhere else but actuality which was my childs
imagination. Thinking and thinking and thinking
and thinking. I thought some more but the answers
to all my questions remained unanswered.

adolescence was just starting up and it came with
innumerable unanswerable questions. Puberty and
teen angst had their stranglehold on my life and
divorce had its hands on my mind. These hands
massaged and let me become a wiser person, but its
magic touch came with a price: too much thinking.
I had not yet buried my childhood because I missed
it so and I thought I could never ever let it slip

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