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From the dawn of humanity, to the eras of medieval
and renaissance, all the way our current modern
society, and even to the yet to be experiences
distant future humanity has always had problems
with one natural event…change. In late 16th
century, there was an Italian philosopher by the
name of Giordano Bruno who was trying to bring
about change in his times thinking and beliefs,
but naturally, society conflicted what Bruno had
to say and would eventually even kill Bruno for
his views. It still affects us in our current
times as written in the classic work Lord of the
Flies. Lord of the Flies, written by William
Golding in 1954, contains a character named Piggy
who tried to bring about change in boys he was
stranded with on an island. Unfortunately, no one
would really listen to Piggy. Eventually, he would
pay the ultimate price with his life while trying
to bring common sense into their secluded island

Throughout our human history we have often
demonstrated three reasons why new ideas and
change are often halted. Firstly, our belief that
who we are and what we know is superior to that
which someone else believes or says. Secondly, as
a society, whether as a singular person or
collective as a group, we do whatever it takes for
our own views and beliefs to be kept alive, and
finally, because of all this, the people who offer
controversial concepts often suffer controversial
consequences. Both Piggy and Bruno are perfect
examples of how we as a society have an innate
inability to consider new and different concepts
opposing its own and will do anything to protect
itself from these Piggys constant attempts to be
heard and considered and the suppression of
Giordano Brunos unique thoughts both exemplify how
we as a society try to suppress those which are
different than us, thus making ourselves feel
superior. The conch shell made Piggy think he
could speak and be heard, but not everyone
listened to him and even fewer considered his
ideas, whereas Bruno succumb to the same fate and
was constantly suppressed for his outlandish
ideas. In Bruno and Piggys suppressions, its
possible to deduce that society whether as a
single person or group has a tendency to place
itself and what it knows above others, proving the
idea or our innate Im chief, said Ralph

And what about the fire? And You
havent got it with you, said Jack, sneering. You
left it behind. See, clever? And the conch doesnt
count at this end of the island– All at once the
thunder struck. Instead of the dull boom there was
a The conch counts here too, said Ralph, and all
over the island.1 This argument between Ralph and
Jack displays how Ralph believes the conch shell
gives him the power that whatever he says is
right. But on the other side Jack doesnt listen to
Ralph because he is the leader of his own tribe
thus believing what he says is always right.
Although this is an excerpt from a Lord of the
Flies, a novel, Golding displayed reality through
story and it displays how we as a society often
force our opinions and ideas upon others if we
have some sort of authority over them. This
controversy does not directly involve Piggy but it
relates to him in that he used the conch often so
that his views and ideas could be heard.

the conch gave him the right to speak, Piggy
usually had ideas which would benefit all the boys
and not just himself, but after the separation of
boys, no one would really listen to him. Many of
the boys thought what they were doing was the best
for them and Piggy was trying to impose what he
thought would help improve the boys lives on the
island. Although Piggy was being heard for his
ideas he was not always considered with Ralph and
Jack did as they saw fit. It was not long before
the monks of Saint Dominico began to learn
something about the extraordinary enthusiasm of
their young colleague. He was frank, outspoken,
and lacking in reticence. It was not long before
he got himself into trouble.

It was evident that
this boy could not be made to fit into Dominican
grooves. One of the first things that a student
has to learn is to give the teacher the answers
that the teacher wants. The average teacher is the
preserver of the ancient landmarks. The students
are his audience. They applaud but they must not
innovate. They must learn to labor and to wait.

was not Bruno’s behavior but his opinions that got
him into trouble.2 This dictation of Brunos early
school life portrays how even throughout his
youth, Bruno was quite controversial and
confrontational by nature. Although he was
proposing new ideas that were different than what
was pre-conceived, Brunos teachers believed in
what they already thought they and what the rest
of the word thought was above and superior to what
he was saying. Brunos teachers were unwilling to
even listen to Bruno and his ideas, thus
displaying how society relies on what it knows or
thinks it knows, without even considering other
options at the time. Once again, another example
of how many people in authority do not listen to
their underlings, thinking of Giordano Bruno in
his work De La Causa, Principio, et Uno, (On
Cause, Principle, and Unity), displays how we
humans now know that the Earth is not the centre
of the universe, but whenever we look upon the
universe we place ourselves as the central axis as
its observer. “Everywhere there is incessant
relative change in position throughout the
universe, and the observer is always at the center
of things,3 this quote from this work is how Bruno
backed Copernicuss heliocentric model of the
universe where the sun is the centre. Bruno takes
it one step farther to make a statement about how
we as humans place ourselves as the centre of
whatever we do, regardless if we know we are not
or we do not.

Although in our modern society we
know we are not the centre of the universe, often
we still place ourselves above others, and Brunos
view of the observer being in the centre of all
things will probably hold true for a very long
time. Within Piggys use of the conch shell and
Jacks/Ralphs non-consideration of some of his
ideas, to Brunos teachers stubbornness of even
listening to Brunos thoughts, it is easy to
recognize that who we are and what we think as
individuals or a group will always come before the
views and thoughts of others, no matter how valid
they are. Self-preservation is when one will do
anything to keep itself alive. Whether it be
protecting his life or his ideals, we will do just
about anything to maintain them. Piggy and Bruno,
through their trying to change others, met face to
face with these innate defense barriers within
ourselves. For Piggy, he faced this in his
opposition of what Jacks tribe was doing on the
other side of the island.

So to keep doing what
they wanted to do without distraction from Piggys
comments, eventually, killed Piggy with the
crashing boulder. High overhead, Roger, with a
sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all his
weight on the lever,4 this short quote happens
right before Piggy is killed by the falling
boulder pushed by Roger. This relates to the main
point in that Roger is probably doing what he
thinks Jack would want him to do. Piggy always
tried to speak of how things should be done and
what is needed to do, and that often contradicted
what Jack and his tribe thought. By Jacks tribe
killing Piggy, they keep alive their own views on
that hunting and having fun is their main priority
on the island, not being civil and reasonable. As
for Bruno, he was imprisoned for years to try to
get him to retract his ideas so that the Church
would not be threatened by them.

The Church tried
for years and when Bruno eventually did recant his
words, they still burned him at the stake of the C

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