Example research essay topic: Flowers For Algernon: A Response To Literature – 394 words

Have you ever wanted something, no matter what the
consequences were? Charlie Gordon did; he wanted
to be smart. Charlie is a character from the story
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. It’s a story
of a mentally challneged 37-year-old man with an
I.Q. of 68. He is experimented on and becomes even
smarter than the scientist themselves. He has no
family but many friends and many so called

As the story progresses and Charlie
becomes smarter he begins to realize who are his
friends and who aren’t. As Charlie becomes smarter
he begins to fall in love with Miss. Kinnian, his
teacher I think Im in Love In the beginning he
thinks of her only as a teacher, “Miss Kinnian is
so smart. But as he commences to think outside the
box, he realizes that he is in love with her. At
first, she feels sorry for Charlie and goes on a
date with him. Then when Charlie becomes so
knowledgeable (he can’t stand how stupid people
are) Miss.

Kinnian gets scared of him. As he
decreases in intelligence, Miss. Kinnian isn’t so
scared of him anymore and feels sorry for him
again. I think Charlie’s relationship with Miss
Kinnian was a cycle that came back to the
beginning. Charlie’s so called friends, Frank
Reiley and Joe Carp (also his co-workers) made fun
of him while he was dumb. You pulled a Charlie
Gordon, They laughed at him, and he would think
they were laughing with him.

But as he grows
smarter, he realizes that they were making jokes
about him. As he begins to get smart, his
co-workers get fearful of him. They get him fired.
Near the ending of the tale, when Charlie begins
to decline in astuteness, he gets hired again and
all his co-workers become his friends. This
relationship was sort of a change in mind of what
people thought. Mrs. Flynn his landlady doesn’t
care about anything before Charlie’s operation.
But after Charlie’s increase in aptitude, she
fears him.

When Charlie becomes stupid again, she
feels he’s not ok. In all of these relationships,
people fear him while he’s smart. Except for when
he is dumb again they all feel sorry for him. But
why be scared of a man who is unbelievably smart?
Why not feel happy for him? That he has reached
his goal? Why?.

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