Example research essay topic: Examination Of Sexism In Society – 538 words

Dont you think its about time women are treated
equally to men? Women are treated unjustly all
over the world, even in the United States, but
isnt the U.S. looked upon as the epitome of
freedom and equality? The constitution states that
all people are treated equal and it is against the
law to be discriminative. Even so, women in the
United States are looked upon as inferior to men.
Everyone has heard million of times that women are
equal to men and sexism isnt a part of our society
anymore, but it is. Women are harassed and
discriminated everyday and we just deal with it.
Isnt it time for women to demand the same respect
and opportunities as men? Sexism is everywhere,
but the most common place is at work. Have you
ever noticed that women dont have as high job
positions that men do? We arent given as many
chances in jobs, raises, and wages like men are.
An example of this is our government. There arent
half as many female representatives as there are

Even if a woman is as able or skilled as a
man is, chances are the man will get picked and
paid better. Wages and job positions arent the
only acts of sexism and discrimination committed
in the workplace; harassment is also a problem.
Females are verbally and sexually harassed by
fellow male workers and rarely is anything done
about it. School is another place where sexism and
discrimination is an issue. The administration
usually isnt very sexist, but the males attending
that school are. There is verbal abuse and sexual
harassment, but everyone thinks its all in fun.
Most teenagers go along with it, without even
knowing its discrimination. Even if anything is
reported to the administration, nothing is done
about it.

Whoever did it might get yelled at, but
most of the time that is the worst that will be
done to discipline them. Other than school and the
workplace, sexism even occurs in the media, it is
on television, movies, and music. Rap music is
mainly focused on sex, drugs, and has many vulgar
names referring to women. Since all age groups
listen to this freely, they think its acceptable
to do and see things talked about in the music
without thinking its wrong. Sexism also occurs in
family and marriage situations. In most families,
the males are allowed to do more and better things
than the females in the family.

They get to go out
more and at an earlier age, because theyre males
and parents dont have to be as concerned with them
as they do with the females. Marriage is almost
the same way. Women are seen as housewives and
need to stay home to take care of the children and
house chores. To this day, this is still done in
many households. Since females are exposed to
sexism at an early age, it doesnt bother them
anymore, because they think it isnt seriously
being committed. Without anyone knowing, how is it
ever going to end? I think that both men and women
should put an end to sexism, so future generations
can live lives without the discrimination that we
have right now..

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