Example research essay topic: Evaluations Of Racism In Society – 497 words

It is possible to maintain dignity in the face of
racism and bigotry. I think Cassie would agree
with this theme statement. During the book she did
many things that showed this. When they were
shopping at the Barnetts store was one incident.
The people working at the store did not wait on
Cassie and her family because they were black.
This made them very upset. Cassie asked Mr.
Barnett politely to wait on her. Mr.

Barnett used
bad language and still did not wait on Cassie.
Cassie stood up for herself and did not let Mr.
Barnett call her names. She did what was right and
did not believe that blacks should be treated
different than whites. Another example of this
theme is the relationship between Lillian Jean and
Cassie. Lillian Jean was very racist, mean, and
disrespectful to Cassie. Cassie befriends Lillian
Jean and then while they are alone Cassie gets
revenge on her for all the mean and embarrassing
things she had done to Cassie. Cassie maintained
her dignity in this situation.

She beat up and
punished Lillian Jean for all the evil she had
done Cassie. I agree with the statement It is
possible to maintain dignity in the face of racism
and bigotry. I think this theme means you dont
have to use violence and other bad things during
racism. It is better to use other tactics such as
boycotting or making powerful speeches than to use
violence. This is important because if you use
violence you can get hurt or killed. I think this
theme has a lot of meaning.

It is each persons
responsibility to correct injustices in society. I
think Pa would agree with me on this theme. Pa did
a good job correcting injustices in society. An
example of how he does this is he saves TJ. When
TJ is being beaten and hanged Pa sets a fire on
his own property to distract the people from
killing TJ. TJ really didnt steal or do anything
wrong to be beaten but because he was black they
accused him of doing it without truly knowing what

So Pa went as far as lighting his own
property on fire to do what was right. Another
example of Pa correcting the injustices in society
is when he helps start the boycott to shop at
Strawberry. He started this boycott because the
nearby and local Wallace Store was racist against
blacks and treated blacks poorly and
disrespectful. Pa started the boycott so they
would shop at a store that didnt discriminate as
much against blacks so the Logans decided to shop
at Strawberry. I think the theme It is each
persons responsibility to correct injustices in
society is a good theme. I think it means everyone
has to try and put effort in making things that
are wrong better and fairer.

Everyone should do
the right thing to help make society better. This
theme means a lot and is very true..

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