Example research essay topic: Edgar Allen Poe Short Story; “cask Of Amontillado” – 702 words

Humans are very complicated. For many years, human
beings have been trying to figure out how the body
works physically and mentally. Researches led to
many discoveries in the human physical body, but
the human mind is still relatively mysterious.
Whenever a person does not follow the societys
guidelines, he or she, often enough, is considered
mentally ill. In Edgar Allan Poes short story The
Cask of Amontillado, the highly descriptive
imageries demonstrate how Montresors preoccupation
with pride can easily lead to madness. In
addition, with the aid of precise information, the
author demonstrates how Montresor can embody human
nature and through this character suggests that
every human can be driven by madness if constantly
obsessing over pride. Montresors maniacal actions
as well as the symbolic catacombs confirm the
presence of madness.

Just as the story begins,
Montresor vow[s] revenge (Poe 866) upon his
friend, Fortunado, as he has only insulted him. As
Montresor is convinced to take revenge upon his
friend, this very first sentence shows clearly how
madness overpowers him. Montresor then sacrifices
the latter for the sake of his reputation, which
he believes has been destroyed by Fortunado. Going
to such extend as killing his own friend for a
couple of offensive words is, without a doubt, a
sign of madness within Montresor. Furthermore, as
Fortunado approaches death, his cries and mercies
are reechoed, aided, surpassedin volume and in
strength (Poe 870) by the only person that could
possibly save him. Echoing Fortunados yells
reflects Montresors satisfactions as well as his
devilish pleasures brought during his friends

In addition, the most recesses of the
catacombs (Poe 868) described as Montresor guides
his victim to his own death by creating a false
sense of security symbolize Montresors dark soul
where deep down, madness overcomes him and causes
his friends murder. Montresor, in Poes short
story, is clearly a victim of his own madness
which overpowers him and makes him do horrific
things without being really conscious of their
consequences. By means of specific details,
Montresor is linked to humanity and, therefore,
represents the latter. Montresor directly says,
“You, who so well know the nature of my soul” (Poe
866), in order to open up to the reader as if he
or she can understand him or personally relate to
him. Therefore, this identification to the main
character suggests that the latter can embody all
those who are illegible to read this short story.
In addition, the fact that Montresors first name
remains unknown throughout the story suggests his
lack of precise identity, therefore insinuating
that his madness is applicable to anyone.
Montresor is not only the main character of Poes
short story but he is also a tool that broadens
the storys theme, making madness a valid
characteristic for every human. By linking
humanity with Montresor, Poe subtly conveys his
notion that madness, caused by mans preoccupation
with pride, lies within human nature.

Montresor familys motto Nemo me impune lacessit
(Poe 868) was passed down from generation to
generation and suggests that pride is very
important within the whole family thus within
humanity in general. Since Montresors
preoccupation with pride is so intense, he lets
his madness overcome him and take control of him.
Similarly, Poe suggests that human beings are all
born with a certain pride which can easily lead to
madness, an extreme outcome of pride. In fact
through Montresor, Poe theorizes that man is
naturally mad but since society forbids doing
certain things, s/he must act within precise
bounds in order to live in a civilized manner.
Moreover, Montresor demonstrates Poes hypothesis
when he smile[s] in [Fortunados] face, and [as the
latter does] not perceive that [his] smile now
[is] at the thought of his immolation (Poe 866).
In Poes short story, Montresor represents humanity
in order to demonstrate how humans are all mad
because they instinctively seek revenge. Poe tells
his story from Montresors point of view to
concretely illustrate a persons lack of
self-control provoked by a strong feeling of
madness caused by the constant obsession with
pride. Furthermore, by means of descriptions, Poe
helps the reader enter Montresors mind to make
s/he realize that, in fact, s/he can possibly be
characterized by him..

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