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Willys dream for success affected both of his
sons. He wanted to be above average like Dave
Singleman so badly that his expectations for Biff
were too high and he neglected his relationship
with Happy. One motif in the book showed that
Willy wanted his boys to be well liked because
that is what he considered to be the most
important thing in life. Biff was a strapping
young man in high school. He was full of dreams
just like his father was. He had several
scholarships to go to the University of Virginia
after high school.

This all changed after Biff
found out about his fathers affair with the
secretary in Boston. Biff was so upset and
spiteful towards his father that he decided not to
go to college because he knew how much his father
wanted him to go. He didnt want anything to do
with his father anymore, so he moved away. Willys
dreams for Biff were so high and his constant
praise of the boy ruined him. Biff couldnt hold a
steady job because he thought he was too good for
the work. He also started stealing and ended up in

Willys dreams for Biff really messed up
Biffs attitude about life which is why he was
unsuccessful. Happy on the other hand was always
in the shadows. He was always trying to gain the
same acceptance as Biff had from his parents. This
is shown in the motif in which Happy is telling
his parents, Im losing weight. Can you tell? or Im
going to get married soon. Happy didnt really have
much encouragement from his parents but he ended
up more successful than his brother Biff.

dreams did not become Happys dreams until after
Willy died. At the end of the story it was made
clear that Biff realized that he was only an
ordinary man and he was going to move on and make
something of his life. Happy unfortunately seemed
like he was going to become an exact replica of
his father. This is how Willys dreams inevitably
affected his too boys..

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