Example research essay topic: Drama Analysis Of “a Raising In The Sun” – 596 words

I will be writing on the five major characters in
the story A Raisin in the Sun. In the story all of
the characters are different in there own ways but
are all very much the same. In the story the five
main characters are Lena Younger, Walter Younger,
Joseph Asagai, Ruth Younger, and Beneatha Younger.
First I will start with Lena Younger, who is
better known as Mama throughout the story. Mama in
the beginning of the story is the head of the
Younger household, she later lets her son Walter
be the head of the house after she realizes that
she is stopping him form being a man. Mama is the
one that if anyone has a problem or need advise
they go to for help. Mama is a proud, strong,
independent black woman.

Mama reminds me of the
character in the television show Mamas House
because nothing happens without her knowing and no
big decisions are made without them first being
heard and approved by her. Mama is also the main
character of the story, the story mainly follows
the things that she does and wants to be done. In
my family everyone listens to my grandmother and
she does not even live in my house. Walter Younger
wants to be the man of the house, but he cannot in
the beginning because Mama thinks that things
should be done her way. All Walter wants to do is
be a man, someone who can support his family
without needing any help from others and be able
to have his dreams come true. Walter in my eyes is
someone I would consider a mans man because all he
tries to do is make a better life for his family
and have a job he likes that is respectable.

the end of the story Walter dreams come true, he
becomes the head of the house and makes things
better for his family. Joseph Asagai is actually
much more important of a character than what most
people think, the reason I say that is because he
gives the Youngers an outside perspective of what
is happening to them. Joseph has the ability to
just sit back and see everything unfold. Joseph is
also important in the story because he makes
Beneatha think more about herself, her culture,
and her family. Ruth Younger who is Walters wife
is what I consider a very good wife, the reason I
say that is because she supports her husband and
does what she thinks is right. Sometimes all a man
needs is the support of a good woman to be

The one thing I did not like about her
character in the story is that she takes a
backseat to most of the other characters; her role
in the story is mostly that of supporting
character because she is around everything
important but none of it happens to her. Benetha
Younger who I consider a young lady who just seems
to be starved for attention, that is all of a
sudden she because someone who becomes miss let us
save everything and everyone. When Joseph comes
into her life she becomes someone from Africa and
then all of a sudden cares about everything that
is happening to Africans, when before she did not
care at all. Now those are all the major
characters of the story A Raisin in the Sun. They
are all different but their individual stories are
all in the same book of life because they are all
a family and care for one another..

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