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Few parents today realize the need to change the
way they deal with children as they grow up. Even
the most caring adults frequently misunderstand
teenagers. This isnt due to a lack of effort; it
has more to do with inaccurate stereotypes and
portrayals of teenagers. The word teenager, for an
instance, brings up an image of a rebellious,
outrageously dressed, young person who loves to
party, listen to annoying music and watch MTV.
Teenagers are often very complex, but they are
also not impossible to understand. When the world
speaks of or thinks of teenagers they are likely
to have a stereotype ideal in mind, and this often
creates an unfortunate barrier that does not allow
us to appreciate the individuality of each young
person in the world today. Too often teenagers are
treated as if they were just big toddlers or large

The general view of parents today seems
to be that children are their property and should
learn to please them and obey their commands. This
maybe true for toddlers but as growing young
adults the role of parents is to assist a child
into becoming an independent, responsible adult.
This cannot happen unless the teenager is allowed
to make some decisions for themselves. Not wild
guesses or decisions based on their desires but
informed based on considerations of the facts and
the consequences of different actions. Statistics
have shown that during different stages of a
person life the way they are treated changes
dramatically. When an infant is born they are
shown lots of attention, encouragement, affection
and total acceptance. Then as they go off to
elementary school their parents become more
involved in their life, they encourage and teach
them and have appropriate expectations.

As they
get into high school, things start to change.
Their parents say they have unrealistic
expectations, over-interest in life, and focus too
much on their friends and the type of people they
are. These are the preconceived attitudes that are
often shown to children from their parents.
Teenage years are very crucial time in which its a
time for young adults to figure out who they are
and what they stand for. In order to do this,
teenagers have to consider things and explore
things for themselves. They will find out for
themselves why things are valuable and will be
able to justify and defend them. It is all part of
growing up and maturing. Teenagers hold the key to
the future in their hands.

Todays teenagers soon
will take control of the world and take on the
responsibility and making it better. As pleasant
as it sounds to adults considering retiring, it
seems to worry them at the same time. Many adults
see teens as reckless, irresponsible and crazy
human beings. A reality check may show that the
stories of teenage driving and parties just hold
on to the same old stereotype used in the entire
world of teens. Such generalizations will prove
harmful not only to teens, who create the future,
but also to the accusers, whose false accusations
may only create more worry and insecurity of the
future for them. The teenagers job today is to
tear off the shackles that represent the teens
natural irresponsible behavior and prove to
previous generations their capability in unlocking
the future of the world.

Teenagers have many
expectations to live up to. With each generations
they become higher and harder to reach. Sure there
are times when adults believe that too much fun
equals trouble when it comes to teenagers. The
bottom line is that this is the time to go out and
experience and learn from their mistakes. They
need to have fun, its a way to learn and become
more secure and happy. People tend to generalize
the bad more than the good.

For example, teenagers
who drink and drive take up pages in the
newspapers rather than looking at all the teens
who under take community service projects
throughout the year that do not get the attention
they deserve. Teenagers are often aware that
childhood is ending, they must soon be responsible
for themselves, to earn a living, be involved in
politics and society, to interact with other
adults, start a family and take responsibility for
the care of their own children. This can cause a
great deal of apprehension on the teenage mind.
Although they are aware of these responsibilities
they lack confidence, knowledge and experience.
During this time they want to try new things and
maybe even rebel before they have to be tied down
and take responsibilities of an adult. Teenagers
today are often misunderstood and thought of as
insecure, stubborn, and disrespectful. These are
the many stereotypes that adults have toward
teenagers. Not many people take in consideration
that not every teenager is out there to upset

Few parents actually realize that the
teenage years are crucial times when it comes to
learning to be more responsible and dependent.
With that in mind, parents should start to raise
the children with obedience from the beginning.
This is a time for them to be their own person and
make their own decisions. The parental role must
change drastically from that of the protector and
keeper, to the role of the friend, confident and
guide, as a child grows older..

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