Example research essay topic: Critical Analysis On Growing Cyber-culture – 347 words

In The Beginning Was The Command Line is a book
by Neal Stephenson. This book has very good
information about the cyber-culture past and
present. This is a good book to learn the
technical vocabulary, and the meaning of different
name. In this book he talks about many things, but
basically he talks about the difference between
Microsoft and IBM. He started talking about the
difference between Microsoft and IBM in the
beginning of this book. I think he did a good job
in explaining the differences.

He stated the
differences in such a good way, so the people who
dont know what Microsoft and IBM means can
understand not only the meaning but the
differences too. He also talks about the time when
computer wasnt this much popular. He says many
things about his understanding of this machine
called computer. In the section of this book
called The interface culture he describes the
Disney world. He used to work for them, so he
knows how much computer is important for them. He
also talks about the operating systems.

describes the different operating system and their
roles in todays techno world. How and why people
likes Windows, and why it is popular is the main
point of his discussion about this section of
operating system. He also talks about Linux and
Unix operating systems and their differences. He
tried to put some examples and humor in his
writing, which is interesting. Honestly, I only
liked some of the part of this book. I didnt like
the entire book.

I think his writing is too
technical that many people will not understand the
complete concept of his writing. He tried to put
humor and some examples in this book, but they are
not that impressive. I liked the part when he
simply discusses the differences of Microsoft and
IBM, and also the operating systems. Some other
sections of this book is hard to understands and
follow because I dont know any thing about Unix
and Linux. According me it is good book to read
ones in life..

Research essay sample on Critical Analysis On Growing Cyber culture