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Little Women is a book in which the author, Louisa
May Alcott, tries to instruct the reader through
each of the girls mistakes and lessons. The
characters try to teach each other helpful lessons
about life, virtue, and morality. This in return
teaches the reader, which Alcott intended this
novel to do. Growing up in Massachusetts in the
nineteenth century, the March girls are torn with
their father away at war. Each girl strives to
better herself by trying to get rid of faults.
They strive to be good, which is different in each
girls eyes. Beth believes that being good means to
not be as shy.

Meg has a weakness for luxury and
leisure. Jo vows to become more of a girl while
still acting as the man of the house while her
father is away at war. With a weakness for
luxuries to the eye, Amy tries to over come this.
In her eyes she will be good if she can do that.
Also, the girls are struggling with different
types of interactions between girls and boys. When
they are smaller and meet Laurie, the girls
struggle with the idea of what the interactions
mean. As they grow older they recognize different
kinds of interactions. Laurie and Jo first meet at
the dance as teenagers.

The irony in that is that
Laurie and Amy grow as adults and marry each
other. The theme of poverty is always among the
Marches. There is their own and that of the
Hummels, as well as the dichotomy between a
poverty in money and poverty in love. When they
are at the dance, and Jo has to stand in the back
of the room by the wall, that in itself is
poverty. She cant be out where everyone else is
because they will see the burn in her dress. When
Laurie asks her to dance in the next room, the
poverty in love is gone and Jo is shown a new kind
of love called friendship.

The Marches always have
poverty in money. At the Christmas in the
beginning of the novel, each girl selflessly puts
their pennies into fabulous gifts for their
mother, whom they realize contributes hard and
works for them constantly. The mother gives each
of the girls a book. They do not have a lot of
money, so they make due with what they have and
never take for granted what they do have. The
girls constantly talk about home, but this term
can mean many different things at different times
in their lives. The girls also struggle with the
ideas of motherhood, sisterhood, pride, intellect,
education, marriage, and privilege.

their lives, they have to overcome many obstacles
and strive to fulfill necessities that are
constantly changing throughout their lives..

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