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… markets are expected to create an enchanting
increase in our market share growth from year 2001
to 2005. We foresee a steady growth rate of
approximately 21%over the next five years. Due to
our innovative marketing techniques, discounts,
endorsements, as well as the new North Face
Outdoors Membership Rewards Program, where members
earn rewards for all of their purchases, The North
Face, Inc., anticipates these development patterns
to remain stable for an infinite amount of time to
come. 2.2 SWOT Analysis Strengths: I. Technically
innovative products, that are constructed using
state-of-the-art technology II.

Two current
patents and 3 others pending in the North Face
shoe industry III. Well-built Reputation in the
outdoor apparel industry IV. Brand loyal customers
Weaknesses: I. Inaccurate perceptions II.
Inadequacies in marketing the North Face sneaker
line resulting in low levels of brand awareness
III. Failure to create awareness of innovative
technologies in North Face sneaker lines. IV.
Limited distribution of products Opportunities: I.
Upward shift in economy II.

Increased levels of
prescribed exercise from very well respected
doctors III. Increased number of health conscious
individuals IV. Upward moving trends towards more
active outdoor lifestyles V. Shift in perceptions
of unique high-quality products Threats: I.
Increased levels of competition II. Competitors
increased sophistication III. No shift in
perceptions 2.2-1 Strengths North Face, Inc.s,
Strengths encompass the following: Technically
innovative products that are constructed using
state-of-the-art technology, distinguishing North
Face sneakers from all our competitors products.

North Face sneakers currently retain two patents
along with three pending. These innovations
distinguish North Face from competitors, and more
prominently add to the overall quality and
effectiveness of our products. A well-built
reputation in the outdoor apparel industry helps
to give North Face sneakers a competitive edge in
achieving popularity through proper marketing
strategies. North Face sneakers created
Brand-loyal customers, where nearly 85% return to
retailers for succeeding purchases. 2.2-2
Weaknesses North Face, Inc.s, weaknesses encompass
the following: Inaccurately perceived as products
built only to suit outdoor enthusiasts and
professional climbers. Inadequacies in marketing
the North Face sneaker line resulting in low
levels of sneaker brand awareness.

Consumers are
generally aware of the North Face brand, however,
are too often not aware of the North Face sneaker
line, resulting in unfavorable market share. Consumers unawareness of innovative technologies,
results in minimal levels of perceived prestige. Limited distribution of sneaker products to
specialty shops creates inferior levels of general
consumer knowledge. 2.2-3 Opportunities
Opportunities available to North Face Inc.
include: Upward shifts in economic conditions
increasing available levels of discretionary
income. Increased levels of prescribed exercise
from very well respected doctors increasing levels
of interest to obtain quality exercise equipment. Increased number of health conscious individuals
creates a boom 2.2-4 Threats Threats that may
exist for North Face Inc.

include: Increased
levels of competition broaden the consumers
marketplace Competitors increased levels of
sophistication threaten to take from North Faces
distinguishable innovations The average consumer
may not be inclined to purchase products that are
designed to withstand treacherous conditions. 2.3
Competition Competition is composed of a few
primary competitors such as Nike, and New Balance
as well as some minor competitors such as
Montrail, and Brooks. Although the minor
competitors are often sold predominantly in
specialty stores, the primary competitors preserve
a much broader range of retail distributors in the
market place. Major Competitors Nike/Air Crested
Butte($79.95) This sneaker combines a full-length
Phylon Midsole with front and rear Air-sole units
to make a stable, well-cushioned shoe. It offers
G-tek outsole technology that provides great
traction. It also features a Gore-Tex lined inside
which keeps your feet dry and warm and a
rubberized toe bumper for protection.

Terra Humara($89.95) The Humara also combines dual
Air-sole units with G-tek technology for extreme
traction. The difference between the Humara and
the Crested Butte is that the Humara has an
interlocking Phylon midsole for enhance cushioning
and traction. Nike/Air Terra Wildgoat($89.95)
Named for the G-tek traction technology in its
outsole, the Wildgoat supposedly mimics the
traction control of a mountain goat. It features
sticky rubber pads for surefooted traction. The
Wildgoat is also lighter in weight than the
Humara. It is a less supportive sneaker but it is
extremely flexible.

Nike/Air Terra Sebec($69.95)
This sneaker is the youngest member of the Nike
trail running family. The Sebec is a cheaper
option for the entry-level trail runners and is
most comparable to The North Faces Kuna Crest. The New Balance M1220S($69.95) This sneaker offers
the ABSORB and ROLLBAR technologies designed for
cushion and stability. The M1220S is a mid-range
option in the New Balance sneaker line up . This
sneaker is designed primarily for running or
tennis, however is recommended as an every day
comfort shoe. The New Balance M930AT(59.95) This
sneaker is designed primarily for walking

The M930AT features C-CAB and ABSORB
technologies which are designed for maximum
cushion and flex . This sneaker offers a
relatively cheap shoe for the consumer, and has
been well afforded with fashionable style for over
12 years. Minor Competitors Montrail/Vitesse($79.95) The Montrail Vitesse
offers a very comfortable, ergonomically fit
running sneaker. Montrail uses a synthetic leather
with mesh uppers to make for a foot friendly fit.
Montrail offers a new innovation to the market,
FasTrax, which adds to the effectiveness of the
sticky rubber sole. Brooks/Gila($89.95) The Gila
, like the lizard from which it gets its name,
possesses a tough outer skin providing protection
from rugged terrain. A Polertec lining is designed
to keep warmth in the sneaker, as well as to
maintain a dry and comfortable foot.

It features a
Terrapod outsole to provide flexible traction. 2.4
Product Line The primary characteristics of the
physical sneaker are that they are light, and
brightly colored with reflectors. They come
standard straight laces and a solid gripping
bottom. The conventional function of the sneaker
is to run on outdoor trails while experiencing
great comfort on the feet. The shoe offers comfort
and quality while maintaining a high lev ….

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